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Picasso’s ‘The Naked Woman’ Recovered; Found in Home of Former Member of Saddam Hussein’s Security Force

Iraq PaintingSpecial forces have recovered a stolen Picasso painting and arrested a man planning to sell it during a raid of his house in southern Iraq.

The Naked Womanwent missing from the al-Ahmedi Hall of the Kuwait Museum in the aftermath of the Iraqi invasion that triggered the first Gulf war. It was seized Tuesday from a former soldier in Saddam Hussein’s military, about 60 miles south of Baghdad. The man had been attempting to sell the painting for $450,000, but some Iraqi experts who saw the painting said it was worth $10 million.

The painting, which was signed by Pablo Picasso and bore inscriptions from “The Museum of Kuwait” is being held as evidence. The suspect, who claimed to be an electrician, is a former member of Saddam’s security force.

Newly released photos of the painting show it’s slightly damaged after having been folded. “There were stamps on the back of the painting saying ‘Kuwait State Museum. Al-Ahmedi Hall’, which we know is among the stolen things from Kuwait,” the official said.