FameSpy is original content created by Chrissy Dooley called Chrissy’s Closet. Who is Chrissy? Do I work in fashion? Beauty? PR? Entertainment? None of the above. But do I know everything there is about these topics? You bet your ass I do.


So what makes me an expert in all things fashion / beauty / celeb / entertainment / lifestyle? Decades of constant obsession; reading, watching, living, anything and everything that has to do with the entertainment and fashion world.

A 15 year veteran of the dot com industry, celebrity culture, fashion, and style have always been my obsession. My addiction has gotten me into to trouble at times (my poor hubby), but every free waking hour has been spent pouring over magazines, TV, movies and the internet to amerce myself with this wealth of knowledge. Living in NYC, and working in the Garment District, has given me interesting perspective on how to take my obsessions and turn them into real world idea’s. I’ve amassed libraries full of information, which I store in Chrissy’s Closet. I’ve always been the go-to-gal for all things considered current and now I’ll be your go-to-gal.

Chrissy’s Closet is part of the FameBall network!


2 responses to “About

  1. Hi Chrissy! I loved your blog about Minx nails! I am the PR person for the company, and it’s so great to see cool fashion-forward ladies like yourself check them out. Thanks so much for giving us a shout-out, and I’d love to invite you to an upcoming Minx event we are planning with HoneyMag.

    Best regards,

    Janice Miller from Minx

  2. woooooooow excuse me for staring but omg hes HOT

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