FIRST LOOK: Robert Pattinson is Back as Edward Cullen on Set of “Twilight: Eclipse”


Robert Pattinson is currently in Vancouver filming the latest installment of the “Twilight” series “Eclipse.” We finally got a glimpse of our favorite vampire as he prepares to fight for Bella in the third series of the franchise.

edward cullen eclipserob eclipse

The vampiric actor was spotted stepping back into his role as hot and sexy vampire Edward Cullen for the first time since filming started. had the amazing  photos of the actor’s return to his famous role. Emerging from his trailer with a pale face and cherry tinted luscious lips, Pattinson took a break from filming in Vancouver and hung out with co-stars and fellow bloodsuckers Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone.

hot vampThe security surrounding the cast members in Vancouver has been high, especially since Pattinson caused such a stir while filming in NYC that he was clipped by a cab trying to escape crowds full of Twihards. Rob was last spotted at a Kings of Leon concert over a week ago with co-star Kristen Stewart.

With Edward on set, his Bella shouldn’t be too far behind so I’ll be on the lookout for photos of Kristen Stewart and sexy wolf Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black).

rob trailerrobeclipse

One response to “FIRST LOOK: Robert Pattinson is Back as Edward Cullen on Set of “Twilight: Eclipse”

  1. excelent, I cant wait to see Bella and how they fix Kristen Hair. THANKS

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