Eek! by Eugenia Kim Hits Urban Outfitters: High-End Hats for the Masses

eek beret

Eugenia Kim is one of my absolute favorite hat designers and over the years I have amassed a collection of her heavenly hats. She is responsible for the “Muffy,” an equestrian-like cap that became a wait-listed item and was worn by Ashlee Simpson, Keira Knightley and other starlets.

eekeugenia kim

Eugenia Kim has continuously reinvented the Muffy, using different fabrics, textures and prints depending on the season, but the style is always the same. Her hats start at around $200 so I was thrilled that she was doing a collection with Urban Outfitters of fun and fabulous hats at reasonable prices. Just another example of how high-end designer collaborations are becoming the coup-du-jour, allowing high-end fashion for the masses.

Ashlee Simpson in the Muffy

Ashlee Simpson in the Muffy

Eek! Eugenia Kim just launched at Urban Outfitters with hats ranging from $28 to $48. Kim interprets the Urban Outfitters collection with a young, fresh feel to accommodate to the younger consumer who shops there.

The collection features a Muffy-like equestrian cap, a version of her glamorous cloche which is perfect for fall, cozy cable-knit beret with buckle impression (my personal favorite) as well as hair clips and headbands which incorporate feathers and other embellishments.

eugenia muffy ridingekim clip

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