THE NAKED TRUTH OF NYC HIGH LINE HOTEL: Standard Hotel Encourages NUDITY Among Clientele (PHOTOS)

081809_AJ_HighLineSTANDARD01.jpgExhibitionism, nudity, sex, and voyeurism: it’s hard to believe that these are actually encouraged at the High Line’s new Standard hotel in the Meatpacking District. Note to self conscience wallflowers, this is probably not the hotel for you.

The ads said it all: “We’ll put up with your banging if you’ll put up with ours.” Featuring a woman clad in nothing but a tool belt, NYC’s The Standard hotel opened amid construction and set the tone of what was yet to come

highline nude hotelCurious on-lookers have been flocking to the High Line’s Standard hotel as word spreads like wildfire about the X-rated peep shows that can be seen from the hotel’s floor to ceiling windows. A quick visit to The Standard website shows a live webcam of the windows in question allowing curious people from all over the world to get a peek.

The New York Post has been reporting an onslaught of nude individuals who have no problems showing off their assets to onlookers below. In addition to nudity also on the menu have been masturbation, sex acts and professional porn being shot to the delight of the peeping tom’s and park goers below. Sources claim the hotel embraces the sexual tension and has asked guests to share their “intimate and explicit photos with us — those floor to ceiling windows aren’t just for the views.”

081809_AJ_HighLineSTANDARD03.jpgThe Post reported that even hotel staffers and managers have gotten in on the act as a way to promote the hotel and generate a sexy buzz. Staffers have supposedly been seen stripping down and posing provocatively in front of the massive floor-to-ceiling windows. “We don’t discourage it. In actual fact, we encourage it.” a bellhop told a pair of reporters.

Not all New Yorkers are thrilled with the public display of sexual attention on exhibit at The Standard. The X-rated windows have drawn criticism from families who frequent the High Line park, which the hotel overlooks. In addition, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn called the actions of the window shows “unacceptable” and ordered The Standard to tone it down.

the-standard-new-york_from-bath-tub_high-rezYesterday, hotel officials said they will try to be more sensitive. “We will make a concerted effort to remind guests of the transparency of the guest windows,” management said in a statement. The Standard also sent a conciliatory letter to Quinn who responded by saying, “We are encouraged by the action they have taken.”

nude hotelThe Standard Hotel is a group of four boutique hotels in Los Angeles (Hollywood and Downtown LA), Miami and New York that are owned and operated by Andre Balazas. The first Standard Hotel opened on the Sunset Strip in 1999 across from the famous Chateau Marmont. Decorated with a hip decor of avant-garde decorations and furnishings, the hotel appeals to a hip crowd. The Sunset Strip location features a woman lying down behind the check in counter sleeping behind a glass window.

The NYC hotel won an award from the Municipal Arts Society of New York for best new building erected in 2008.


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