Cougar Courteney Cox Prowling in Her Undies on New Show “Cougar Town” To Debut Next Month

courteney cougar

Courteney Cox may be 45-years-old, but you would never know it by looking at her. Her flawless skin, high cheekbones, shiny hair and banging body give her the appearance of someone 10 years younger. It’s no wonder she’s been tapped to play a hot cougar on new TV show, “Cougar Town.”

ccoxcox new showThese sexy photos show the actress in a scene from the new show as she enters a bedroom dressed only in a bra and panties. The former “Friends” star plays Jules, a hot forty something single mother of a teenage son who is recently divorced and on the prowl for hot younger men.

Earlier this month, Cox hinted that her Friends co-star and real-life BFF Jennifer Aniston may make a guest appearance in the ABC sitcom. Aniston is also working on a cougarlicious romantic comedy called “Pumas” about two 30-something women on the prowl for younger men. Who wouldn’t love to see these two on the prowl in L.A. for some hot, young booty.

Cougar Town premieres @ 9:30PM ET/PT on Wednesday (September 23) on ABC.


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