MORNING COFFEE: MICHAEL JACKSON’S Secret Sister Who Split Jackson Family: Vonnie

Michael Jackson had a “secret sister” who sparked a bitter family rift which still drags on today.

vonnieNews of the World reported that Jackson’s hatred for his father, Joe, was fuelled by his close relationship with love-child Vonnie. The King of Pop loathed two-faced Joe’s “devotion” to Vonnie, the result of a fling with Cheryl Terryl. She was born in Inglewood, California on 30 August, 1974, the day after Michael turned 16-years old.

Sources say that none of the family members in the family have ever met their half-sister and refuse to even acknowledge her out of respect for their mother, all except for Rebbie. Supposedly, Rebbie is the only family member who decided that Joh’Vonnie had nothing to do with what their father did and she continues to have a relationship with the girl to this day.

joe jacksonMichael Jackson biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli told The Insider: “This was a huge embarrassment to the family… She is the Jackson sibling that no one ever really wanted to recognize. Back in the 1970s, Joe Jackson had an affair… and the result was Joh’Vonnie Jackson. This was something that the Jackson family dealt with privately. Katherine Jackson was aware of it; it was very upsetting to her at the time.”

For Michael, finding out about Joh’Vonnie was the straw that broke the camel’s back in his already tense relationship with Joe. Jackson, who claimed he was beaten by his father as a child and bullied into performing, couldn’t forgive Joe Jackson for the kindness he showed to the girl. Family sources say the emotional scars ran deep as Michael felt he was never treated in the same way by his father. Jackson once said: “He never hugged me, but he never had any problem with her. He hugged her – I never understood that.”

Friends of Jackson said: “Michael came to terms with the cruelty and beatings from his father. But their rift was mainly due to Joe’s devotion to Vonnie. He felt that Joe favored her over the rest of his siblings. Jackson hated Joe for betraying his beloved mother Katherine with the fling. That emotional burden stayed with him for many years.”

vonnie jacksonvonniejacksonVonnie has never spoken publicly about her connection to the Jackson family on the advice of Joe. Sources claim, “When Katherine and Joe ended up living separate lives Vonnie moved in with Joe in Las Vegas (Katherine resides at the family compound in Encino, California). Michael found that unsettling, and it again fuelled the rift. When Michael lived in Vegas, he barely saw his dad in case he ever saw his stepsister.”

Joe Jackson has never commented on the claims he Joe Jackson fathered Joh’Vonnie, but in a magazine article last year she said, “For my father to have had another child… I can’t even fathom what that’s like for my mother.”

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