Looks Like Teen Spirit: Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Frances Bean Glam & All Grown Up

frances bean cobain

Frances Bean Cobain just celebrated her seventeenth birthday on August 18. Growing up as the daughter of grunge rockers Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, everyone was curious to see how Frances Bean Cobain would turn out and if she would embrace her parent’s grunge look. But Frances Bean follows the beat of her own drum when it comes to fashion and was seen in New York City sporting a new, edgier look.

cobainsThe teenager showed her alternative fashion sense wearing a printed maxi dress cinched with a brown leather belt with matching brown boots as she shopped in NYC’s East Village this week at vintage boutique Zachary’s Smile. Cobain also show off her newly dyed red hair-do, which gives the teen an edgy, rocker-chic look especially when paired with deep red matte lips and huge retro sunglasses.

frences beanfrances_bean_cobain_leaveFrances Bean has previously said that she was a ‘girlie girl’ and swore she would never dress like her mother, but as she approached adulthood she is embracing a dramatic, cutting edge look.

Kurt Cobain died in 1994 when Frances was just 20 months old. Perhaps Kurt’s constant hair-color rotation inspired Frances Bean to dye her hair red since the Nirvana frontman often changed hair colors including red, black, blond and even green.

In an interview with “Teen Vogue” four years ago, Frances appealed to Nirvana fans to stop putting expectations on her to live up to her famous father. She said: ‘I’m a different person. I don’t want to be titled as Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s daughter. I want to be thought of as Frances Cobain.’ She went on to say about her style sense: ‘I prefer when (my mom is) more classy starlet. I don’t really like her hard-metal stuff, or when she doesn’t brush her hair.’ In a more recent interview with Harpers Bazaar last year, Frances demonstrated how different she was from her mother by gushing about Sex and the City, her love of shoes and designer clothing label Prada.


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