MORNING COFFEE: ERIC DANE Nude Tape Under Police Investigation; Rock Royalty Perfume Wars: Stella McCartney Wins Suit Against Ali Hewson (Mrs Bono) to Launch “NUDE” Perfume

eric dane

LAPD detectives confirmed that the Eric Dane nude tape is under investigation. In a statement released on Wednesday they state a DVD was given to them by an “unnamed source” on July 30, 2009. “According to the source, the DVD contained images that could link celebrities engaging in illegal activity,” the statement reads. The LAPD says it was “in the process of reviewing the voluminous files contained on the DVD when the story was leaked to the media. No determination has been made as to whether or not the DVD contained any information that could be used for a criminal investigation.” Also on the DVD: “Archived articles and photographs of porn stars and formally convicted madams, which could readily be found over the internet,” according to officials.

rebecca-gayheart-nude-threesome-sex-tapeThe clip, which also features Dane’s wife, Rebecca Gayheart, and former Miss Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche, shows the trip in a state of intoxication with Gayheart saying, “I’m so high.”

On Tuesday, Peniche’s manager said the 12-minute nude video was taped two years ago “in good fun.”This is not a sex tape,” he added. “It’s guys having fun, hanging out together. There is no sex involved in this.” Peniche has alleged that the tape was stolen from her by troubled country singer Mindy McCready, who was her roommate after the two women filmed episodes of “Celebrity Rehab.” Meanwhile, a source close to McCready told People magazine, “Her story will be told in due time. There’s a lot more to it than just the tape. She did not leak the tape.” The plot thickens…

rebecca-gayheart-nude-threesome-sex-tape-12Celebrity sex tapes are nothing new, but the fact that this featured a threesome was a first. Eric Dane’s fameball is on the rise and will continue to do so due to the tape, which features both his wife and Peniche nude in a Jacuzzi tub. Disgraced Miss Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche is also having her 15 minutes of fame due to the release of the tape and her star power is on the rise (albeit briefly) while the investigation continues. If you have either of these stars on your Fameball teams, you’re in luck since they are going to be the talk of the town for awhile.

Stella McCartney to launch new perfume after winning ‘NUDE’ trademark fight against Ali Hewson

stella mccartneyali hewsonFashion designer Stella McCartney will launch her new perfume, STELLANUDE, this weekend after winning a court battle with Ali Hewson, wife of U2 frontman Bono.

Hewson owns a company called Nude Brands Limited (NBL), which has a European Community Trademark on ‘NUDE.’ She had asked the courts for an emergency injunction to stall the release of the perfume pending a full trial on trademark infringement. The judge presiding over the case said an injunction blocking STELLANUDE’s launch risked causing ‘massive disruption’ and would cost millions of pounds to the business of McCartney and her licensee YSL Beaute Limited, part of the L’Oreal cosmetics group.

stella nude‘I have come to the conclusion that the balance of injustice in this case requires me to refuse the injunction,’ the judge said. ‘It seems to me that, in this particular case, the likely damage to SML and L’Oreal if an injunction is wrongly granted outweighs the damage to NBL if it is refused.’ ‘The effect of an injunction wrongly granted against SML would be to cause a massive disruption to their business, and probably cause them to abandon use of the brand altogether.’

NBL’s beauty line currently includes cleansers, moisturizers, eye care products, face masks, body lotions and supplements, but no perfume. The brand said it ‘intends to do so’ in the future.

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