STATEMENT NECKLACES: Banana Republic’s Fall Statement Pieces Are To-Die-For


br neckI have always loved bold baubles and gobs of jewels so statement jewelry is nothing new for me. But now that everyone is featuring some type of statement piece, whether it be necklaces, bracelets, belts, the prices of these desired objects has fallen and we’ve seen mass market retailers coming up with their own versions at affordable prices.

While my heart will always belong to Roberta Freymann, the queen of statement necklaces, I stumbled into Banana Republic the other night to look for a basic cream top and was flabbergasted by their jewelry for fall, specifically the necklaces.


As soon as I saw the Chandelier necklace I grabbed it off the mannequin. Ok, so it looks like a knock-off of the brilliant piece produced by Lanvin, but at $3000 I cannot afford their luxurious piece. The Chandelier necklace is an affordable $89 and is available in navy blue or ivory (I opted for ivory). Made of acrylic with a toggle closure, it falls perfectly adding the perfect amount of panache to any outfit. This piece is truly versatile enough to dress up or dress down. I took the last one in ivory in my local shop so I guarantee this necklace will sell out. So if you want it, I’d go NOW.


The Floral Grid necklace is not something that everybody could pull off, but it was right up my alley. Pictures do not do this piece justice. With a lacy bib of metallic flowers in mixed metals and jewels in silver/gray/blue tones this dramatic piece packs a punch of over-the-top glamour. The ribbon closure allows you to adjust the length and at $125 this iconic piece is very well made and a bold statement. This necklace is the perfect example of why you don’t need a whole new look, and just need to select your jewelry carefully.

br plate necklaceIf you’re looking to inject some gold-tone jewels into your wardrobe, this is an ideal piece. The Pleated Lace necklace is a large, gold statement piece but the antique finish and charm makes it look like something you found in your grandmothers jewelry box as opposed to big, gold and gaudy. At $42 this is an absolute steal and will be a fun item to pair for day or night.

One response to “STATEMENT NECKLACES: Banana Republic’s Fall Statement Pieces Are To-Die-For

  1. For true cheapo’s, like me, you should include some of the $5.00 Forever21 statement pieces! This looks like one of your Roberta’s….

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