TRUE BLOOD: Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) Finally Gets Naked As Ratings Soar (PHOTOS)

true-blood-record-ratings-07“True Blood” drew record ratings on Sunday night, pulling in 4.5 million viewers (11.4 million if you include DVR and HBO On Demand). Maybe it was because of Sookie Stackhouse’s (Anna Paquin) dream sequence where she is naked in bed with the lusty-hot vampire sheriff Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard). Although I love Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), we’ve seen enough of him naked and frankly when it comes to hot vampires, Skarsgard takes that title.

alexander-skarsgard-summer-television-critics-04custom_14ktuh60irI’ve been a lover of the Swedish import Skarsgard since Day 1, but it had more to do with his devilish good looks than the character he plays (although, who doesn’t have a thing for the bad boys). I’ve been crushing on the hot & sexy Alexander Skarsgard since seeing him in last summer’s “Generation Kill” mini-series on HBO. While I do profess my undying love to the “Twilight” vampires (and wolves) and they so rule the big screen, the vampires on “True Blood” ooze sex appeal and can actually show it on TV. Plus, I can get my fix weekly as opposed to once a year. Call it vampires for the sexy set.

true-blood-record-ratings-03On Sunday night’s episode of “True Blood,” Eric finally established an emotional connection with Sookie and got into her head as she dreamt of the couple in bed together. IT-WAS-SO-HOT I’ve had to watch it over and over again to see if I can sneak a peek of the goods. Even hotter is the fact that Alexander prefers to be fully nude when filming love scenes: “For me, it is no big deal, I’ve been naked in other roles I have in the past both in the theater and in films. Here they wanted to test everything from a sock to body-colored mini underwear, but it just felt weird. I prefer to be naked instead.  So long as you and your co-star know how t works, it is okay and we are a tight bunch that makes this series.”

true-blood-record-ratings-12From his start as Brad Colbert on HBO’s Generation Kill to his gaining popularity on “True Blood,” Alexander’s star is definitely shining bright and people are taking notice.  Recently named a “Rising Star” by Access Hollywood the 32-year-old actor, and son of actor Stellan Skarsgard, said his newfound heartthrob status is amazing – and something he’s more than willing to share with co-star Stephen Moyer. “The attention is very flattering,” he told Access. “I heard that fans are divided between Eric and Bill. To be honest, I’m Stephen’s biggest fan.”  “I actually founded the fan club ‘Bill’s Babes,’” he joked.

true-blood-record-ratings-01In addition to remaining episodes of Season 2 of “True Blood,” Alexander will be seen in the upcoming movies “Straw Dogs,” “13” and “Metropia.” Lady Gaga fans will also recognize Alexander from the singer’s 9-minute mini-movie video for “Paparazzi,” which debuted earlier this summer.


One response to “TRUE BLOOD: Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) Finally Gets Naked As Ratings Soar (PHOTOS)

  1. I am so into him, I actually watched a Swedish movie on youtube last night..pathetic!

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