MORNING COFFEE: ROBERT PATTINSON & KRISTEN STEWART; Are They or Aren’t They? MADONNA Celebrates 51st Birthday in Poland & Italy

Robert_Pattinson_868619aI’ve held off writing anything about the supposed romance between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart because I always thought it was simply rumors. Now, a very grainy photo of the pair was snapped nuzzling at a Kings of Leon concert in Vancouver on Saturday night. The act of affection could be nothing but it begs the question, are they or aren’t they?

INFphoto_1045603Depending on how you choose to interpret this photo, the “Twilight” costars could be taking their crazy onscreen chemistry off the set. Or…the two colleagues might just be talking closely at a concert so they can hear each other. The photos are grainy and difficult to make out so I am not sold… yet.

INFphoto_1045615And the event came just days after actress Jennie Garth confirmed that the teen idol was dating one of his co-stars, after hearing it from her husband and Twilight star Peter Facinelli. “I can’t say (who it is), because that would be breaking my promise,” she said. “But he is dating one of them.”  In July, Brit actor Robert admitted he went to the audition for the hit Vampire movie because he had a crush on Kristen.

Their Twilight costars are supportive. “If they want to date each other, fine!” Billy Burke, who plays Stewart’s dad, told US Weekly. “Look, when you’re that age, you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to date people you probably shouldn’t date. It’s all part of the growing process.”

Madonna’s 51st birthday concert in Poland was marred by religious protesters

madge finger

The Material Girl performed in front of thousands of fans Warsaw for her Sticky & Sweet world tour, but not everyone wanted to celebrate her special day. A small group of religious Poles were furious the scandalous singer was performing the day they mark the Virgin Mary’s ascension to Heaven.

madge protestBefore Madonna took to the stage at the city’s Bemowo Airport, Catholic protesters carried flags and religious painting as they displayed their distaste outside the venue. Despite the protests outside, the 80,000 crowd inside the gig were full of love and support for the famous birthday girl on Saturday. Fans held up signs saying happy birthday and sang May You Live A Hundred Years, a traditional Polish birthday song. Many of the fans near the stage also held up paper hearts. One said: “Adopt Me.” A grateful Madonna said: ‘I feel your love. I love what I do, but you regenerate me.’

The concert took place on the eve of the singer’s 51st birthday, which she spent in Poland with her boyfriend Jesus Luz and four children. Then it was off to Italy where Madonna, along with her gorgeous boy toy/model Jesus Luz, hit Portofino on Monday to celebrate her birthday in true star style. Madonna booked an entire floor of the Splendido Hotel for her stay and was snapped on Sunday sharing breakfast (and a kiss!) with Jesus before joining the rest of her entourage for dinner and cake.

madonna bday kiss

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