‘TWILIGHT: NEW MOON’ Sneak Peek Trailer Footage Reveals Plenty Of Shirtless Jacob; TAYLOR LAUTNER’s Buff Physique on Full Display

new moon

Fans of Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) will be very pleased with the 14 seconds of “Twilight: New Moon” footage that Summit Entertainment revealed today.

Summit’s teasing us with a 14-second taste of the “Twilight: New Moon” trailer that  can only be seen in it’s entirety by buying a ticket to Vanessa Hudgens‘ new movie “Bandslam” this weekend. In the short clip, we get a teeny-tiny dose of Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) but plenty of Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). “I know what he did to you, but, Bella, I won’t ever hurt you. I promise,” Jacobs vows. Cue the swoons. “You’re sorta beautiful,” Kristen Stewart says.

While the first teaser, which premiered at the MTV Movie Awards in May, focused on Bella fitting in with Edward’s vampire family, this new one is all about Jacob. The teaser opens with a shot of Bella in a clearing, presumably reflecting on the scene we’re about to see — a quick glimpse of Edward leaving her in the woods. Meanwhile, Jacob swoops in to rescue Bella from her heartbreak saying, “I know what he did to you. And Bella, I won’t ever hurt you. I promise.” Then…. a spectacular shot of Jacob’s hot six-pack. Can you believe he’s 17-years-old with washboard abs like that?

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