DIVA SHOWDOWN! NAOMI CAMPBELL & JENNIFER LOPEZ Karaoke in Italy; Campbell Accused of Attacking Photographer While on Holiday

Naomi_Campbell_859851aNAOMI CAMPBELL was in superstar company, not that she would have noticed. The catwalk queen was far too busy screeching into a microphone to chat to fellow revelers at Anema e Core Club in Capri, Italy which included JENNIFER LOPEZ, MARC ANTHONY and fashions dynamic duo DOLCE & GABBANA.

Naomi_Campbell_859853aNaomi_Campbell_859841aHaving swiped the microphone out of popstar J.Lo’s hand, Naomi appeared to focus on her singing routine as she closed her eyes and belted out karaoke tunes. Stefano Gabbana was keen to get in on the act, joining Naomi onstage and throwing an arm around her midriff. J.Lo could only manage an awkward smile as Naomi gave it her all just inches away from the Maid in Manhattan star’s ear. Hilarious!

jlo naomiThe Dolce & Gabbana boys just don’t stop, do they? After enjoying a relaxing vacation in Portofino with the lovely Eva Mendes, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana upped the star power with a party in Capri with two divas: the newly 40 Jennifer Lopez (toting doting husband Marc Anthony), and Naomi Campbell. The design duo spent a day of leisure in the Italian city with Lopez and Anthony, lounging on a yacht and waving at adoring fans from their petite car. But when night fell, the party really started, complete with singing a friendly showdown between Lopez and Campbell, who arrived with Russian billionaire beau Vladislav Doronin.


Fiery Naomi Campbell accused of attacking and hospitalizing photographer


In other news, Naomi Campbell has been accused of attacking a photographer and putting him in hospital during her holiday in Italy with her boyfriend. Gaetano Di Giovanni claimed his face was scratched and bruised after Miss Campbell, 38, allegedly slapped him and hit him with her handbag.

The supermodel’s ‘nails had damaged his left eye’, Di Giovanni was reported telling Italian newspaper La Repubblica. Campbell’s representative denied the attack took place and said in a statement: ‘Media reports circulating that Naomi Campbell attacked a photographer in Lipari, Sicily are completely untrue. The photographer was seen following Naomi Campbell on a small boat, taking photographs, the day after the alleged incident.’ Di Giovanni told the Italian newspaper: ‘First she hit with her bag, screaming at me and then she tried to slap me. I managed to avoid her – but her nails still got my eye.’

The alleged attack took place on the island of Lipari in the Eolioan Islands, off the coast of Sicily ‘For a few seconds I could not see a thing. I could hear that her bodyguards and her boyfriend were trying to drag her away.’ Police on Lipari said no complaint had been made to them.

Lipari is part of the Eoliean Islands, a chain which stretches between Sicily and the mainland and is popular with celebrities. Campbell arrived on the island with Mikhail Prokhorov on his yacht after spending several days in the south of France. Last year the Streatham-born model, known for her temper, admitted attacking police at Heathrow in a row over lost luggage.

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