MYSTERY SURROUNDING MICHAEL JACKSON’S “SECRET SON” OMER BHATTI: Bombshell Video Reveals Bhatti Referred to Jackson as “Dad;” Family Portraits of Michael With Children AND Bhatti

omer bhatti and michael and princeIn a shocking video obtained by The Sun, Omer Bhatti calls Michael Jackson “Dad” during an action-packed family outing of jet skiing.

The five minute video, which was shot in South Africa, is thought to date from 1997 when Omer was a young teen. In one clip Jackson lets Omer take over the wheel as they whip through the water. After Jackson takes the helm to race back to shore Omer turns to the King of Pop and says: “Dad, are you coming with me?” In the video Bhatti’s nose is taped in what appears to be an attempt to copy a look often sported by his “father” in addition to Jackson’s trademark white socks.

michael omerLast week, Jackson’s dad Joe, 80, further fueled speculation if Bhatti is Michael Jackson’s son saying: “I knew Michael had another son. He looks like a Jackson, he acts like a Jackson and he can dance like a Jackson.” In addition to the video, The Sun also uncovered bombshell family portraits of proud father, Michael, posing with son Prince Michael AND Omer Bhatti.

Omer Prince MichaelThe photos, which are part of a sensational family album featuring Omer Bhatti, shows the youngster with his hand tenderly placed on the singer’s shoulder and lovingly embracing 1-year-old Prince Michael. In the birthday pictures the resemblance between young Omer and Jackson is uncanny.

Omer, now 25, has been staying with the Jackson family at their Los Angeles home following the 50-year-old Thriller star’s heart attack on June 25. Jackson is said to have confessed to pals five years ago that he had a one-night stand with Omer’s mother Pia and the child was his. Sources close to Jackson said: “Omer was always with him. They dressed the same, looked the same and even danced the same. They certainly acted like father and son. Everyone used to comment on how similar they looked. Omer was even nicknamed ‘Little Michael’.”

Omer Bhatti Prince Birthday

Our source said of the star’s relationship with Omer: “They would affectionately call each other Doo Doo or Doo Doo Head.” Doo Doo was the childlike term of affection that Jackson reserved for those closest to him including Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin. In the photos it is written on a party hat Omer wears.

Omer Prince

One response to “MYSTERY SURROUNDING MICHAEL JACKSON’S “SECRET SON” OMER BHATTI: Bombshell Video Reveals Bhatti Referred to Jackson as “Dad;” Family Portraits of Michael With Children AND Bhatti

  1. More “Tabloid” talk from you. Michael loved ALL children as if they were his own, and obviously this boy (Omar) idolized Michael, who wouldn’t? He was a gentle, loving and kind man. It’s not unusual to try to copy someone you idolize! They look nothing alike, and it doesn’t matter anyway, Michael cherishes his children and wouldn’t deny his own child! Michael’s dad has been “out of the loop” for years, just because he makes a statement, doesn’t make it so. Stop prying into this family’s business, allow them to grieve and move ahead. Michael was beloved by millions of us all over the world, you’ve taken all you can from him. Have some respect. Try appreciating his wonderful talents and the wonderful person he was. Write about good things!

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