Lindsay Lohan Covers Elle UK: Gorgeous Photo-Shoot Where Thieves Stole Dior Gems

LINDSAYLOHAN-ELLEUK-SEPT2009Lindsay Lohan looks like a sex vixen in these pictures as she sparkles in front of the camera wearing over-the-knee boots, lace stockings and studded black pants with her hair loose and wavy. Shortly after Lohan, 23, posed for the cover, a complaint was made that an estimated $40,000 worth of jewels – specifically a necklace and earrings – had gone missing and police were informed on June 8. Bling or no bling, LiLo looks fierce I the spread for the September issue of Elle magazine’s U.K. edition.

lindsaylohanLohan2In the Elle photos, Lindsay Lohan isn’t even wearing the valuable Christian Dior baubles that were reported missing after the photoshoot. In fact, the actress never even wore the jewels, an insider says, even though police are still investigating the matter. The magazine, which hits newsstands in the U.K. on Wednesday, describes the chaotic few days that followed as journalists tried to nail down the cover shoot and – unsuccessfully – the interview. Also, the article follows Lohan as she hit the town in London and even captures a tearful confrontation with off-again, on-again girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

LiLo EleScotland Yard confirmed that they are still investigating and no arrests have been made. Elle has consistently said there is no reason to believe Lohan was “in any way responsible and has no further comment to add.”

Lindsay, who recently dyed her red hair bleach blonde is rumored to be preparing for a role in Robert Rodriguez’s new film “Machete.” He recently said to MTV: ‘We’re casting right now. There are a lot of people we’re sending it to, big names – but nobody that we’ve signed yet.’ He added: ‘Lindsay’s cool. There’s actually a cool part in the movie for her – if she takes it.’



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