Happy Hour: Jude Law Thought Samantha Burke Was On The Pill; Wants DNA Test to Confirm Paternity

Jude Law believed the model expecting his baby was on the Pill. He thought wrong.

samantha burkeSamantha Burke appeared before the press with her attorney on Saturday at her mother’s home in Pensacola, Florida, with her baby bump bulging. In a statement, she said: ‘Samantha, her mom, and her family can affirm that Jude has been responsive and supportive throughout the relationship and pregnancy, and know that he will remain so as a father once Baby Sophia is born. Jude and Samantha remain committed to the health and well-being of this child.’

A source told the Mirror: “Jude assumed she was on the Pill. He was stunned at being informed of the pregnancy. Jude feels like now he has been made to look the bad guy. One of the reasons their brief relationship didn’t work out is because Samantha was a little too keen. She claimed she was falling in love after just a couple of weeks. It was probably a bit too much, too soon. Despite this Jude does want to honor his role as a father and be involved in the child’s life. He is desperate to keep things as stable as possible for his family.”

jude law ukLast week it was revealed that Jude, 36, found out about the pregnancy not by Samantha directly, but in an attorney’s letter. He has not believed to have spoken to her directly since. Lawyers are said to have negotiated a maintenance arrangement with Samantha for the baby girl, Sophie, due on October 6.

I want DNA test (just to be sure I really am the father) demands Jude Law

Jude Law is said to be demanding a DNA test to confirm he is the father of a pregnant model’s child. The actor has vowed to stand by Samantha Burke if she is carrying his baby, but has apparently told friends he wants to be ‘100 per cent certain’ that the child is his.

samburkeHis demands for a paternity test have angered the American model’s family, who insist he is the father and said his behavior was not up to the standards of an ‘English gentleman’. Burke’s grandmother said he had taken advantage of the ‘young, innocent and silly girl’ whose father had ‘read him the riot act’. Delores Burke said: ‘He has behaved as less than a gentleman. My son Denis is hopping mad. He feels that Jude Law took advantage of his little girl. Samantha is a lovely girl but she is only 24 years old. At that age, you think you are a grown-up but you are still very young. He is old enough to know better.

Since a paternity test could harm the baby while Burke is pregnant, the DNA tests will be carried out once the baby, said to be a girl, is born in October. A friend told the News of the World: ‘At the moment Jude doesn’t know for sure he is the father. He thinks he is  –  but he wants to be 100 per cent certain. There has been a lot of speculation. But if it is his baby girl he’ll be there for her every step of the way.’

jude beachThe pair had a brief fling in New York last December while he was on location during the filming of his latest movie, Sherlock Holmes. He said last week that he ‘intends to be a fully supportive part of the child’s life.’ Law has three children with ex-wife Sadie Frost – Rafferty, 12, Iris, eight, and six-year-old Rudy. Although the couple divorced six years ago, they are still great friends and, according to a source, it was to Sadie that Jude turned when he first heard the news from his lawyer via a late-night telephone call. Sadie herself told The Mail on Sunday that she was standing beside her former husband. ‘I support Jude in whatever he chooses to do in his life,’ she said. ‘We have a good relationship and a lot of love for each other and I think that’s a great way to be.’ Sadie added that Jude’s new arrival will have little effect on her and their three children. ‘My children and I are completely separate from this and it doesn’t affect us at all,’ she said. ‘I don’t feel like the situation has anything to do with me.’ She added: ‘Jude and I have been divorced for years now and what he does in his personal life is up to him. I’m really lucky to have the most amazing, loving children and everyone’s doing absolutely fine. They’re very happy kids.’

Next week, matters will become even more difficult for Jude because he is due to fly to New York for meetings with Samantha’s lawyers. According to friends in London, Jude is so terrified of the potential financial ramifications of the scandal that he is willing to do whatever is necessary to preserve his reputation. The source said: ‘So far, he has only been able to text Samantha. He hasn’t actually spoken to her which is what is worrying him because she seems to be keeping it all very formal.”

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