Celebrity Offspring: Amber Le Bon, Daughter of Simon & Yasmin Le Bon, The New Model Generation

amber model

When your mother is supermodel Yasmin Le Bon and your father is the handsome lead singer of Duran Duran, it’s hardly surprising that you will grow up to be a beauty.  These good genes are on display in the duo’s oldest offspring, model Amber Le Bon.

amber yasminAs her mother announced her retirement from modeling late last year, Amber emerged as a promising young model with the same stunning good looks. With a rock star dad and supermodel mother, Amber is no stranger to the celebrity world and has always moved in fashionable circles.

Amber, the eldest daughter born to Yasmin and her Duran Duran star husband of 23 years, inherited her mothers stunning legs and model figure standing tall at 5ft 10in. After graduating from high school last year, the 19-year-old gorgeous brunette is now carving out a career as model. Amber has signed to Models 1, which is the same agency who has represented her mother for 18 years.

yasmin chanelsimon and yasminAmber is quickly making a name for herself in the fashion industry after appearing in advertisements for chain River Island as well as luxury lingerie brand Myla. Le Bon had her first taste of the modeling industry at 20-months-old after Yasmin brought the toddler on to the catwalk at a Chanel show. She recently said: ‘Thanks to Mum and Dad, I was involved in fashion since I was a child. So yeah, I think they have had an influence on me.’

It’s a good thing Yasmin Le Bon overcame any fears about her daughter following her on to the catwalk: ‘When I see her as a model, I know she’s the best she can be and deserves to be in the spotlight – she’s gorgeous and very ambitious,’ says Yasmin.

amber le bon

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