HAPPY HOUR: Jude Law Mystery Mom Revealed As Rachel McAdams Sister, Kayleen

sherlock holmes

Oh Baby! British actor Jude Law made a shocking announcement that he is about to become a dad for the fourth time. The star, who is currently appearing in Hamlet in London’s West End, is reportedly no longer with the woman, who is now pregnant with his child.

rachelYesterday, a rep for the father of four said that “following a relationship last year, he has been advised that he is to be the father of a child due in the fall of this year. Mr. Law is no longer in a relationship with the individual concerned, but he intends to be a fully supportive part of the child’s life.”

Now speculation is surrounding the sister of Jude’s Sherlock Holmes costar Rachel McAdams, 27-year-old Hollywood make-up artist Kayleen McAdams. Numerous sources have posted stories today identifying her as the “secret mother” as an insider revealed the couple is focused on the baby and not their relationship.

Jude and sadieJude and Kayleen hooked up last Christmas in New York when the sexy actor was working on Holmes. McAdams is reportedly seven months pregnant and only informed him recently. Jude is said to have broken the news to his ex-wife, Sadie Frost, and three kids – Rafferty, 12, Iris, 8, and Rudy, 6 – on Tuesday. (He also adopted Sadie’s son Finlay, 18).

As for Rachel, she’s said to be “pissed” about the situation. The last time Jude, who will appear in Hamlet on Broadway this fall, made big headlines was when he cheated on his then-fiancée Sienna Miller with his children’s nanny.

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