HAPPY HOUR: Amy Winehouse’s Ex-Husband Claims She Stole Cocaine from Kate Moss; Was Hooked on Heroin and Crack

Amy Winehouse allegedly stole cocaine from Kate Moss’s handbag, her ex-husband has claimed after beginning her descent into addiction hell.

amy winehouse kate mossBlake Fielder-Civil said they were partying with the supermodel in New York when Winehouse went into her purse and pocketed two grams of cocaine. They were mingling with other models and Hollywood stars in a private suite at the Gramercy Park Hotel. He said: ‘Kate had told Amy to get a $10 note out of her handbag to snort lines with. But Amy told me she found two grams of cocaine in there – so she nicked them. We did some in the toilets and had sex, but we did the rest in front of everyone.’ And he added that Moss, 35, was ‘so drunk she never noticed it was missing’.

Amy & BlakeFielder-Civil, 27, who married Winehouse, 25, in May 2007 but divorced her 11 days ago, also said his ex got addicted to heroin immediately after her first hit of the drug. He said she first tried the Class A drug during one of their ‘mad nights’ in an east London hotel room in 2006 after watching him take it. ‘We had a bottle of pink champagne and had sex and were lying on the bed talking. I’d been smoking heroin on my own before that but never in front of her,’ he said. ‘I got a bit for myself and she looked at me and said, “can I have some?” I was out of my mind on drugs and I said, “of course”. She inhaled the heroin and then just sat back, smiled, and her eyes went a bit funny. She said, “I can see why you take this”. Amy took to heroin like a duck to water.’

But Fielder-Civil, who claimed they spent up to $10,000 a week on drugs, said within a matter of weeks, she was begging him to buy more, before she allegedly moved on to crack cocaine.

Amy-Winehouse18Her decision to experiment with the deadly cocktail came as the star’s “Back To Black” album became a huge success, racing to the #1 spot on music charts just as Amy’s pals began to fear for her health. Her sallow complexion and waif-like frame sparked rumors about drug abuse in early 2007, which music video producer Blake at first tried to conceal. In August she overdosed and briefly went into rehab at the Causeway clinic in Essex. But even there the couple managed to get high after Blake smuggled in a secret stash of pills. He said: “I think the most inappropriate place we did drugs is probably in rehab. I took something in with me – just a couple of Valium and a heroin substitute. But it showed we weren’t taking the thing seriously.”

amy winehouse camden 3 230408Two months later, Amy slurred her way through her hit “Back To Black” at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Germany to the shock of fans worldwide. By then, said Blake, the singer’s habit had taken over to the point where she was snorting lines of heroin before shows and handing it out to “clean” pals to try.

On her European tour, Winehouse kept a CRACK PIPE hidden off-stage and “Amy would stumble off, with her hands out waiting for the pipe. She smoked after every song and without her next hit, she wouldn’t go on. It’s no wonder she couldn’t sing properly. The only thing she cared about was her crack pipe. We carried a crack pipe with us all the time. If we went out to dinner, Amy would get it out and hide under the table so she could have a quick hit.?

Kate Moss was unavailable for comment on the story. Fielder-Civil was today reported to have been sent back to rehab after failing another drugs test. Failing a test is a breach of his parole terms. He left prison in February after serving time for assault and trial-fixing.

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