“Real Housewives if NYC” Bethenny Frankel’s Could Be Sued Over New Show


Bethenny Frankel’s professional life couldn’t be better with reports she has just landed her own spin-off reality show “The Skinny & the City” apparently set to debut this fall (Bravo declined to comment). In addition, Bethenny’s personal life is going great as well with recent news that she is engaged to real estate bigwig Jason Hoppy.

bethenny and fianceeFoxNews is reporting that the news might actually be a PR stunt. Say it ain’t so!

“The engagement is fake,” said an insider, adding that in “reality” Hoppy is a medical sales rep/personal trainer, not a “property guru.” In the United States, real estate licenses are issued by the state where a person does business and while Hoppy’s address is in New York, Fox has learned that he is not licensed as a sales person or broker in NY. A rep for Frankel did not respond for comment.

But Frankel’s fiancée’s true profession may be the least of Frankel’s worries. If her rumored new reality show does hit the airwaves, Frankel could find herself in a not-so-skinny legal situation. Registered dietitian and author of “The F-Factor Diet” author Tanya Zuckerbrot also runs popular weight loss website http://www.skinnyandthecity.com, and is less-than-impressed with the name swipe. “While I am obviously surprised by this news, I have always felt imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That being said, we are taking the protection of our brand and trademark extremely seriously,” Zuckerbrot said. “I couldn’t believe that someone of Bethenny’s stature wouldn’t be aware of my Web site.”

People Bethenny FrankelIn addition, HBO is very sensitive to any titles bearing even a passing resemblance to their own cult classic series “Sex & the City.” A rep for HBO said that they will look into whether they will pursue legal action for copyright over the murmured “Skinny & the City” Bravo show, but as yet don’t have enough information.

Meanwhile, a source close to “Naturally Thin” author Frankel says nothing has been signed on the dotted line in regards to her own show, but she would definitely be on board should the opportunity arise. Says the insider: “Why wouldn’t she want her own show? Who would stay on a stage with five or six other ladies when she can have her very own platform?

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