‘New Moon’ Clips Revealed At Comic-Con! See Videos

new moon comiccon

These are the two clips you heard about that debuted at yesterday’s Comic-Con New Moon panel. The first clip features Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) as he teaches her to ride a motorcycle. She has images of Edward (Robert Pattinson) just before crashing, but then it’s Jacob to the rescue. He peels off his shirt, showing off his new buff body, to clean her cut with his shirt.

robert-pattinson-new-moon-shirtless-05The second clip is the scene where Alice (Ashley Greene) and Bella race to the Volturi castle in Italy to save Edward. The streets are crowded with red cloaked citizens at a celebration, so Bella is forced to race through the crowd to Edward as he exits the castle and slowly peels off his shirt. Yeow!

Be forewarned, the clips were taped by attendee’s of the event so the screaming and squealing gets VERY loud.

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