THE STATEMENT CARDIGAN: Fashionably Embellished Way to Glam Up Basic Sweater

fb 727When Heather was planning her early spring wedding, she decided that a J Crew Jackie cardigan in navy blue would be the perfect cover up: it was her something blue in addition to offering warmth and style should the evening turn chilly on that April night. On a quest to enhance the simple cardigan, she decided to have it embroidered with her new monogram. A local shop sewed her new HGL monogram in white onto the classic cardigan for less than $20. It looked amazing and added the perfect hint of preppy chic, but still wasn’t dressy enough. Then the light bulb went off…

jackieA few days prior we hit Archangel, a vintage button shop in NYC’s East Village looking for antique crystal buttons to adorn her wedding gown. Heather fancies classic and elegant clothes, but with a feminine touch and is a sucker for antique detailing. We found numerous buttons for about $3-5 each, but since there weren’t matched sets we purchased 4 identical buttons for her dress and then 6 additional buttons, all similar in size and style. The next day, I stopped by NYC’s M&J Trimmings to purchase additional crystal buttons with an antique feel.

fb 726After deciding what buttons to have sewn on her wedding gown, she was left with 8 fabulous crystal buttons. Not wanting them to go unseen, Heather had a local tailor sew the buttons to the trim of her collar. Voila! The buttons were the perfect accoutrement, instantly adding sparkle and transforming the cardigan from plain to pizzazz. It was the perfect finishing touch.

In the season of the statement necklace, this cardigan requires no accessories since the jeweled neckline is all the statement you’ll need. J Crew’s Jackie cardigan costs $59.50 and the buttons / embroidery cost approximately $25. Heather happily wears the navy blue sweater constantly since it’s simple enough to wear at work over a crisp, white collar shirt and luxurious enough for evening. Plus, it’s a nice reminder of her wedding day that she can take with her everyday.

It all comes back to shopping your closet, the motto of the season. If you have a cardigan in your closet that you haven’t worn lately, or if you’re looking for a way to instantly add style and panache to a simple sweater, this is great way to dress up your wardrobe that’s reasonably priced and super stylish. Happy sewing!

fb 731

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