Solange Knowles Shaves Head; Lays To Rest Comparisons to Sister Beyonce

Hair today, gone tomorrow

solange shavedSolange Knowles, the younger sister of pop superstar Beyonce Knowles, has long resented the comparisons to the famous diva. And once playfully said she will ‘go crazy like Britney’ if people keep comparing her to her sister. Well, it appears as if she has taken inspiration from Spears, as the singer showed off her new buzzed hairstyle as she wandered around Los Angeles yesterday.

solange and beyonceThe 23-year-old younger sibling of R&B superstar Beyonce has completely shaved off her gorgeous locks and traded it in for a low-maintenance look. She wrote on her Twitter page that she was going through a ‘i wanna cut all my Hair off & have a fade (cropped haircut) phase’. In the past, Solange has joked that the constant comparisons to her superstar sibling might tip her over the edge and send her into a Britney-style meltdown. She said: ‘I get asked about Beyonce all the time but I try and make fun of it. Sometimes I say she’s not my sister. Other times I say I’ve stuffed her in my suitcase and sent it to Dubai. I have to have fun with it or I’ll turn into Britney – shave my head and go totally crazy.’

solange w hairsolangeBut whatever the reason for the new do, she unveiled the edgy new look as she ran errands in LA with her son Juelz, 4.

Later in the day she attended a Dita Von Teese performance at an LA nightspot, and she popped her brunette wig on for a more glamorous look. Is she having cutters remorse?

3 responses to “Solange Knowles Shaves Head; Lays To Rest Comparisons to Sister Beyonce

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