TWILIGHT: NEW MOON: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner to Appear at Comic Con Thursday; London Show Included Peter Facinelli & Wolf Pack Alex Meraz

Twilight: New Moon mania has hit Comic Con as ‘Twilight’ fans bring ‘Trek’-like frenzy to conventions

twilight starsVariety is reporting that “New Moon” stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will appear at Comic-Con 2009 TOMORROW to promote the “Twilight” sequel. I predict mayhem and chaos as Twihards gather in San Diego to see the three cast-mates who are part of the vampire-wolf-human love triangle that’s captured our attention.

Fans have been speculating for months whether the Saga’s stars would turn up for the event, but according to the report, Robert, Kristen and Taylor will participate in an off-site press conference Thursday morning and will attend a Hall H panel later in the afternoon at the San Diego Convention Center.

comic con 08According to Variety, last year’s showing of six thousand fans to see the “Twilight” panel at Comic-Con, “cemented the reality that the face of Comic-Con has changed radically.” The convention, which annually attracts 120,000 fans, had long been perceived as a show catering mostly to males interested in comic books and anything related to horror, sci-fi or fantasy. But last year’s event broadened its fan-base to include thousands of teen girls and moms, there to see the stars of “Twilight”.

“Twilight” obsessed fans came out in such force at last year’s Comic-Con, that Creation Entertainment, the franchise behind “Star Trek” conventions, immediately began putting together plans for fans of the vampire love story. “We saw the reaction that it got, and that this was going to be something really huge; the fans are extremely passionate,” said Creation Entertainment CEO Gary Berman.

new-new-moon-stillThose “Twilight” obsessed fans earned a reputation last year for claiming seats at Comic-Con, the huge San Diego-based sci-fi, fantasy and comic book convention, a day in advance and then not moving a muscle. To avoid a repeat performance, this year Comic-Con changed its original Thursday schedule, holding off a panel for James Cameron’s “Avatar” — the long-awaited new film from the “Terminator” and “Titanic” director — until after footage from the upcoming “Twilight” film, “New Moon,” is revealed. “‘Twilight’ fans are very intense,” said Lori Joffs, creator of the Stephenie Meyer-approved fan site “[Comic-con] knew that ‘Twilight’ fans would sit there all day, and the fans of the [‘Avatar’] series wouldn’t get a seat.”

taylor lautner tattoo new moonSomething about “Twilight” causes a thirst that can’t be quenched and despite the fact that the next book in the saga is on hold and the next film, “New Moon,” won’t hit theaters until late November, fan conventions have been going strong all summer in cities across the nation.

Among the films being promoted at Comic-Con this year are: Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton), Avatar (James Cameron), District 9 (Peter Jackson), Princess And The Frog, Tron, Toy Story 3, A Christmas Carol (Robert Zemeckis), Iron Man 2, and many others.

PeterFacinelli radarLast weekend, Peter Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen) attended Comic Con in London last weekend to the delight of the hoards of female fans who lined up to have him sign autographs. Alex Meraz (Paul), who was also in attendance, makes his debut in “New Moon” as a member of the Wolf Pack.

After autograph signing, the stars attended the “Twilight” talk session packed with fans. RadarOnline reported that the announcer told the fans, “Cheering is fine. Screaming? Not so much! Everyone values their eardrums.”

The star-struck was stunned to be in the presence of the “Twilight” hotties and clammed up prompting Facinelli to say, “These awkward silences are killing me,” as he hopped into the crowd to give fans a chance to ask questions.

twilight londonPeter apparently bought a card for Robert Pattinson with a joke about “In these hard times, you’ll find a good job soon… but as it’s you, maybe not” and Rob apparently gave it to Kristen Stewart who didn’t think it was funny but (after she got the joke) passed it on to Chris Weitz. Alex was asked mostly about his reaction to the fan base, which he apparently worries is premature considering New Moon isn’t even out yet and when asked how he’s adjusting to the female attention, he simply responded, “Well?” with a chuckle.

alex meraz2Alex went on to do the ‘wolf dance’ as Peter called it, where he shook as if to about to phase with Peter joking that Alex was looking just a little too good and needed some fattening up Alex also told of how he’d tried to teach fellow wolf pack member Kiowa Gordon (Embry) to throw a punch because it’s “something every man should learn how to do.” Alex flexed his muscles to demonstrate the literal punchline that Kiowa actually broke Alex’s nose with a dead-on hit. Luckily, his perfect face wasn’t damaged.

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