MORNING COFFEE: Michael Jackson’s Secret Son, Omer Bhatti, Sat with Family at Memorial: Wants DNA Test

mj and omer2A Norwegian rapper claiming to be the secret son of Michael Jackson was seated with the Jackson family at the singer’s memorial concert. Devastated Omer Bhatti, 25, sat with head bowed in the front row between Michael’s son Prince and eldest sister Rebbie, 59, in the front row of the service at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on July 7. Omer’s presence at the memorial further fuels speculation that he is indeed Michael Jackson’s fourth child.

omerOmer Bhatti’s appearance and his physical similarities to Michael’s youngest son Prince Michael II, aka Blanket, have fuelled speculation that he is the son of the legendary pop star. In photos, a young Bhatti looks near identical to Blanket, especially in the eyes, hair color and skin-tone. Omer is believed to have asked for a DNA test to prove once and for all if he is the singer’s love child. If he is, Omer would be the oldest of Michael’s four children, joining ‘siblings’ Prince Michael, 12, Paris Michael, 11, and Blanket, seven.

omer bhattiAfter hearing of the singer’s death of a cardiac arrest on June 25, Omer’s mother Pia said: ‘He was the King of Pop. But for us he was so much more. Omer’s Pakistani father Riz confirmed his son was at the memorial, but declined to give further details. He told The Sun: ‘Yeah, yeah, I know because I was watching. I told my wife, “Just wait until the Press see this. It’s not a small thing.”‘ When asked if Michael was the biological father of Omer, Riz replied: ‘Make what you like. I don’t want to discuss anything.’

omer1blanketJackson reportedly told close friends several years ago that he fathered Omer after a one-night stand with a Norwegian fan in 1984. The existence of Omer first became public in 2003 when Dateline broadcast a 1998 home video of him receiving gifts from Michael. Omer was thought to have been introduced to Michael in a Tunisia hotel and impressed the singer with his dance moves. A Fox News report in 2004 claimed Michael had been telling his friends he was the father, but they were unsure whether or not to believe him. Bhatti was photographed frequently with the singer and had even styled himself as a Michael impersonator. The following year, the Bhatti family moved from Oslo to California and became employees of Michael. Omer’s mother Pia worked as a nanny for Michael’s ‘official’ son Prince Michael II, while his father Riz became a chauffeur.

In 2003, Omer was photographed visiting Michael when the star was having a ‘detox’ holiday in Colorado. Omer was also in Michael’s Neverland ranch in 2003 when it was raided by police during the child molestation investigation. Speaking last year, Omer said: It was totally sick. It was the whole squad from Santa Barbara Police Department. We didn’t know why they were there. Michael was not at home.’

mj and omer3The family eventually returned to Norway, but Omer stayed in close contact with Michael saying, “Loyalty is the most important thing for me. I have contact with Michael, and I think my loyalty to him is the reason we still have our contact. He is an unbelievably good human being.”

Omer is also said to have had problems with drugs, like his alleged dad. He was arrested for possession of a small quantity of cannabis and fined in Norway in 2004. Today Omer is trying to make a name for himself in the world of rap and hip-hop, promoting himself under the stage name O-Bee. He has remained in LA since the memorial service.

mj and omer

michael and omer

11 responses to “MORNING COFFEE: Michael Jackson’s Secret Son, Omer Bhatti, Sat with Family at Memorial: Wants DNA Test

  1. i think they’re just friends but he’s cute

  2. this is hilarious

  3. wow him and his son look so i like so does michaels other son hope for the best and R.I.P michael u willl always for years and years be the number 1 king a pop love u

  4. Watch the video and pause it at 3:51 or 3:52.
    I see young Michael Jackson on Omar Bhatti’s smile.

  5. i think he is michael jackosn’s son he looks just like him…just look at the eyes they tell it all and the hair omg they are twins…and it seems like they were very close

  6. yes i agree, Omar looks just like MJ. If he is MJs son, just watch, he is going to get big! MJ is the King of Pop, Omar might become the King of something.

  7. YES JELL YOU NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MJ JR! look at the smile at 3:51

  8. Omar was with Prince Michael and Blanket the other day. Just get a DNA test. It would probably be best for this guy if he isn’t Michael’s son. To be the son of the greatest entertainer ever,and in the same business, he better have some talent. If not you know how the media would treat him.

  9. Whoa…He looks like a mini Mini lolz like seriously.

  10. He does have a smile like Michael. But Michael’s talent was original and fabulous, copying him falls short of Micheal’s abilities. If he desires to be famous, he needs to have his “own style” not someone elses. He’s handsome and has talent, but looks foolish copying Michael. There’s only One King of Pop. He cannot be replaced.

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