Lady GaGa Appears on German TV Wearing Kermit the Frog Jacket

Talk about a fashion statement!

lady gaga kermitLady GaGa, real name Stephanie Germanotta, is known for her over-the-top attire but last nights take the cake…a coat made out of Muppet Show character Kermit the Frog.

lady gaga kermit3lady gaga kermit2The green furry creation was hung with dozens of the Kermie’s head as the singer was interviewed for a German television show. The singer even wore a single Kermit head as a hair decoration to match the coat from which dozens of frog’s legs dangled down

With the help of Haus of Gaga, who collaborate with their muse on clothing, stage sets and sounds, the singer has created her own very distinctive wardrobe of on and offstage outfits which take inspiration from the most unlikely of sources.

lady gaga muppetThe Kermit jacket isn’t the first time Lady Gaga has taken inspiration from the Muppet’s. Last week, while in England, the singer wore a poufy dress with Muppet’s character Animal on the skirt, which appeared to be made out of the same plush fabric as the puppets.

One response to “Lady GaGa Appears on German TV Wearing Kermit the Frog Jacket

  1. Why she promotes herself and submitted the content for this video clip to every blog is a hint.
    Typically though, genuine artists with respect for the creative talk about the artists they use. I have yet to see pages on Brandon Hilton, Grace Jones and/or MikeAlike; all of whom seem to have been a drafting board/guideline for this New Kids On The Block female art assemblage. And who is MikeAlike or Grace Jones for that matter?
    “Its not easy being green, all the things they say are mean”-Kermit The Frog.
    Get out the violins and sympathy cards for The Lady because people are cruel with their mean comments and viscous attacks.
    The album sucks- it has a few good tracks, the constant impressions Miss Gaga purchased have brainwashed and conditioned people into actually liking the music she put out via Interscope Records.
    She’s still stuck in the 90’s however with the hip-hop drum rolls and decor. The actual current underground music is very raw – as far as she being the next Madonna (NOT) that title goes to Geneva Jacuzzi (search Geneva Jacuzzi), who at least isn’t a complete media whore, can be subtle and sexy. She has a bit of integrity.
    Since when are NKOTB cool? Since Lady Gaga of course.

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