TAYLOR LAUTNER’S Transformation Into Werewolf Jacob Black for “Twilight: New Moon” Was Intense…And Worth It Due to Countless Shirtless Scenes (Video)

The Taylor Lautner we will be seeing in “New Moon” is NOT the same Taylor Lautner we saw in “Twilight”

taylor lautner interview2Anyone who read “New Moon” knows that Lautner’s character, Jacob Black, goes through a major transformation in this book: boy to a man and then man to wolf. As described by Stephenie Meyer, Jacob Black transforms from an awkward young boy who suddenly sprouts up to over 6 feet tall, muscles budging, hair longer and sexy. Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) see’s a physical change in her best friend virtually overnight while Black’s character is coming to terms with his new life as a wolf. The sexual tension begins…

taylor lautner interview1After the “Twilight” movie was released, rumors surfaced that Taylor Lautner would not appear in the “Twilight: New Moon” sequel because he was too physically slight to portray a husky werewolf. Fans protested, signing petitions and taking their grievances to the internet, begging for Lautner to be brought back. Their wish was granted and Taylor was up for the challenge of the new Jacob Black, packing on 30 pounds of muscle to bulk up for his new role. Seeing the before and after pictures I am stunned: the handsome, skinny Lautner has transformed into a hunky, muscular 17-YEAR-OLD (I feel weird even saying that due to his young age). But my eyes don’t lie and when I saw a shirtless Lautner in the “New Moon” trailer, I couldn’t help but salivate. The wolf role requires Lautner to literally burst out of his clothes when he shifts from human to wolf. Also appearing constantly shirtless will be the other members of the wolf pack, who said they spend a lot of time shirtless in the flick. I can already hear the screams now

In the August issue of Interview magazine, Taylor Lautner discussed “New Moon” and his physical transformation, which has everybody talking about.

Lautner on Jacob Black in “New Moon:” He’s a lot different than he was before. He transforms mid-story—in the first half, he’s Twilight Jacob. I’m wearing a wig. My character’s very clumsy, outgoing, and friendly. When he transforms into a werewolf, he becomes something very different. It’s like I’m playing a split personality. Which is tricky, because sometimes I’ve had to play pre- and post-transformation Jacob on the same day of filming. There’s an action side to it, which I love, and there are werewolves now. There aren’t just vampires. There’s a wolf pack.

taylor lautner interview3Lautner on shape shifting into a werewolf: I think the most important thing with Jacob is that pre-transformation, he’s clumsy. He trips over his own feet. As soon as he transforms, he’s very agile. At one point, he flings himself through Bella’s window and lands at her feet, and that’s the first time Bella realizes this is a new Jacob: He never used to be this agile. I loved bringing out that side of him. The bummer is, when he becomes a wolf, that’s not actually me. When he does the cool fight scenes, he’s transformed into CGI.

Lautner on bulking up for the part: As soon as I finished filming Twilight, I knew I had to get to work right away; there could be no waiting involved. The day I finished Twilight, I came home and started bulking up. For New Moon, I’m 30 pounds heavier than I was in Twilight. I grew out of a lot of my clothes, though. I went from a men’s small to a men’s large. I was in the gym five days a week, two hours a day. At one point, I was going seven days straight. I had put on a lot of weight, and then I started losing it drastically, so I was worried. It turned out I was overworking myself. The hardest thing for me was the eating. At one point I had to shove as much food in my body as possible to pack on calories. My trainer wanted me to do six meals a day and not go two hours without eating. If I would cheat on eating one day, I could tell—I’d drop a few pounds.

Taylor-Lautner-Looks-Past-Twilight-with-New-Movie-Roles-2Lautner on Twilight fans: They are very intense, but it’s cool that they’re so dedicated and so passionate. They’re the reason we’re here doing this sequel. So I’m thankful for the fans. I like meeting them. Sometimes it becomes a little overwhelming.

Lautner on the Twilight cast: The whole cast is really close. It would be difficult for our characters if we weren’t. It’s a love triangle, and we need to understand each other. So the fact that we’re close and can talk things through in rehearsals, and if we’re out at dinner, we’ll just randomly start talking about the scene we’re shooting the next day . . . If we weren’t able to do those things, I don’t know where we’d be.

Lautner on Eclipse, the third installment in the Twilight series: We’re all staying focused on New Moon right now, but that’s in the back of our minds.

Taylor Lautner BEFORE

Taylor Lautner BEFORE


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  1. OMG! I can’t wait to see you in New Moon!

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