MORNING COFFEE: Michael Jackson’s Brother, Tito, Discusses Drug Interventions; Joe Jackson Talks About Custody of Michael’s Children

The chaos surrounding Michael Jackson’s death is getting out of control. Rumors are flying in every direction and it’s hard to determine what is true and what isn’t. Here is what I have been able to find out for now and hopefully calm some of this media madness.

tito jacksonThe UK’s Mirror spoke exclusively to Michael Jackson’s brother, Tito Jackson, about how he and his family launched a military-style raid on Neverland to confront Michael over his addiction to painkillers.

The Jackson family had become increasingly alarmed at stories that Michael was hooked on prescription drugs and as the rumors grew, they decided to force their way into Neverland to confront their brother. Tito, 55, said: “We had to act. It was me, my sisters Janet, Rebbie and La Toya and my brothers, Jackie and Randy. We went into one of his private rooms and had a discussion with him. Some of us were crying. We kept asking him if it was true what we had heard that he was using drugs. He kept denying it. He said we were over-reacting. We also spoke to a doctor and he assured us it was not the situation. He said he was there to make sure Michael was healthy.”

tito michaelTito said of the drug rumors: “I never saw him on drugs. Not once. He deliberately did it away from us. He didn’t want his family to know anything about that part of him. He did almost everything in his power to make sure we didn’t know.”

Tito, who gave his first interview since 50-year-old Michael’s death from a heart attack three weeks ago, didn’t believe his brothers denials saying: “We didn’t take what Michael said as the truth. We talked about it again and again for hours but we just couldn’t get through to him. After that occasion we tried many times but his team of people just shut us out, they would not let us close. They literally shut us out. I do know that Michael would say to them ‘I don’t care who it is, don’t let anybody on my property if they haven’t called first’.”

mjandkidsMichael Jackson is thought to have gotten hooked on the painkillers he was taking to ease scalp burns after his hair was set alight by a firework while filming a Pepsi advert in 1984. Tito first became aware his brother had a problem when he learned he was being treated in a London rehab clinic in 1993. He said: “He had been taking pain medicine because of the burns to his scalp and evidently he got some type of addiction from it. I understood he had got help for that addiction and after that I was always told he was doing ok.”

La Toya Jackson has publicly said she believes Michael was killed by people who were desperate to get their hands on his money. Tito isn’t so sure: “I don’t know whether he was killed or not. But I would say that sometimes he had people around him that were not in his best interests. Whether his death was an accident or whether it was deliberate, something has gone on and we need to get to the bottom of it.”

Tito also discussed the rumors surrounding Michael’s obsession with plastic surgery. “Michael’s plastic surgery started around 1979, when he went solo. It started with just an alteration of his nose. He never told me why, but I think he thought it would improve his looks. He was forever trying to improve his looks. In a way it was sad.”

Michael Jackson’s Father Speaks Out About Custody Situation

mj kidsJoe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father, revealed that he has not spoken to Debbie Rowe about the custody issue surrounding Michael’s young children.

On Tuesday night, in an interview with Chris Connelly for “Primetime: Family Secrets — The Jackson Family: Life After Michael,” 79-year-old Joe Jackson said he has not spoken with Rowe, the ex-wife and mother to Michael’s two eldest children. “The kids want to be with [Katherine and I] over here,” Jackson told Connelly about Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II (Blanket). “Yes, there’s no else who can do what we can do for them.”

Joe went on to say that Michael was never beaten as a child. Additionally, Joe weighed in on where he thinks Michael’s final resting place should be: “If it could be at Neverland, I wouldn’t mind it. But it can’t be.”

2 responses to “MORNING COFFEE: Michael Jackson’s Brother, Tito, Discusses Drug Interventions; Joe Jackson Talks About Custody of Michael’s Children

  1. There are some great new paintings of Michael about to be released by Upper Deck in their next set of baseball cards:

    The caricatures are loud and freaky intense. I imagine that they capture the self-image that he had while he was with us. I can’t wait to collect them all.

  2. The following is a quote from a recent article on our blog:

    “Lest you be confused about this drug thing, there is little difference between illegal/recreational drugs, and prescription drugs, with the exceptions being the legitimacy of the “entity” which produces them, who gets to prescribe them, and whether politicians benefit. Drugs be drugs.

    “Take it from some guys who matured (arguably) during the drugs, sex, and rock and roll years. We know lots of successful doctors, business people, family people, accountants, judges, and pillars of society who once used drugs in many a form and fashion. Fortunately for most of them and for society, they appreciated that drugs might be an interesting pastime, but not a life long journey.”

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