David Beckham Unveils Sexy New Tattoo As He Returns to LA Galaxy: Ring o’ Roses’

David Beckham is showing off a new tattoo

becksBeckham wore a sleeveless t-shirt which revealed his hot toned biceps as he returned to the pitch for the first time for team LA Galaxy following his loan to AC Milan. With his body already covered in numerous inkings, only the most eagle-eyed of fans would have spotted the newly added ‘ring o’ roses’ on his left arm.

becks3As with many of his tattoos, there is a personal, romantic reason behind it as each rose symbolizes a year of his marriage to wife Victoria. The couple just celebrated their 10 year anniversary on July 4 with a trip to a private island in the Seychelles.

Beckham is said to be planning a pair of ‘tattoo sleeves’, covering his right and left arms. The rose tattoo, which was acquired recently, was not visible when Beckham starred in his advertising campaign for Emporio Armani where he wore a small pair of undies and nothing else.

becks4While Victoria may be pleased with his latest romantic etching, David was said to have caused a rift with his wife when he ignored her advice and added a biblical proverb to his arm. The design, which was created by Beckham’s regular tattoo artist Louis Malloy, was a Hebrew translation of ‘My son, do not forget my teaching but keep my commands in your heart.’ It accompanied another Hebrew phrase on the same arm which reads: ‘I am my beloved and my beloved is mine’.  But a source said: ‘Victoria doesn’t think David should have any more tattoos and tried to stop him having another. She likes them but wants a bit of his skin to be left, but David went ahead with it anyway.’

becks2Meanwhile, Beckham denied rumors that he plans to shoot a new Armani fragrance ad with Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. Implying that it would not be worth the potential grief he might get from wife Victoria, he said: ‘At the end of the day, I wouldn’t do it because I’m married.’

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