Michael Jackson’s Children Unveiled: Paris Planning Tribute Song; ‘Smile’ Inspired Paris to Speak at Memorial

Michael Jackson’s sudden death may give his three beloved children something he could never provide — a chance to be themselves

mjandkidsThe King of Pop devoted his life to creating a fairy-tale Never Neverland for his three young heirs, a world where the reality around them was hidden behind masks or the burly frames of professional bodyguards.

Prince Michael Joseph, 12, Paris Michael, 11, and Prince Michael II, a k a “Blanket,” 7, have never attended a day of school. They’ve never known a neighborhood friend. They sleep together in the same room. And the only outsiders they know are strangers their father would bring in to entertain them.

Jackson’s 11-year-old daughter, Paris Michael, exemplified that strength when she took the microphone at his memorial service on Tuesday to say before a crowd of 20,000 — and millions watching worldwide — “Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine.”

MICHAEL Jackson’s brave daughter Paris wants to record a tribute track for her dad

parisParis Jackson seems far more mature than her 11-years. The little girl, who has been shielded to the world since birth, stood up in front of millions of people at Tuesday’s memorial and paid tribute to her father. Now comes word that Paris wants to follow in Michael’s footsteps and record a tribute song on his honor.  Paris has discussed the plan with her aunt, Janet Jackson, but her grandparents and uncles want to protect her privacy and very hesitant to let her do so at this time. The source said: “The Jacksons are very reluctant. But she’s convinced it’s a good idea.”

Onlookers said Paris was very inspired by singers including Jennifer Hudson and Stevie Wonder at the LA memorial for Michael Jackson on Tuesday. A source said: “Paris was overwhelmed. She never comprehended the scope of his fame.”

paris blanket

GRIEF-stricken Paris Jackson decided she wanted to speak at the memorial after listening to her uncle Jermaine’s moving rendition of Smile

jermaineParis, 11, burst into tears as Michael Jackson’s brother, Jermaine, sang the Charlie Chaplin tear-jerker which was her late father’s favorite song. Paris’s aunt La Toya, 53, immediately embraced her, whispering: “He loved you so much.” Close family friends revealed that this was the moment Paris decided she wanted to speak at the memorial. Her tearful declaration of her love for her father moved the billion-strong worldwide TV audience. A Jackson source said: “Paris is a strong-willed, tough girl who surprised even her own family by how vocal she’s been over what should happen at the memorial. Of Michael’s children, she’s the one who speaks her mind. She’s so brave and tough Michael had already decided that she’s going to be an action star.”

jackson_family“She had already said to Jermaine and Randy that she may read a poem, but they dissuaded her. But after Jermaine sang Smile – well, everything changed. Paris insisted. She told La Toya, ‘I need to say something. I want to tell them about Daddy’.”

The source said singer La Toya then announced to the rest of the Jackson family Paris wanted to say a few words. The source added: “It happened very quickly. Finally unveiled to the world, a beautiful Paris nervously turned a small black purse over in her hands as other family members spoke. And then a dramatic hush fell over the family as it was murmured that Paris “wanted to say something”.

Paris started: “I just wanted to say…” before her aunt Janet whispered: “Speak up, sweetheart, and get close.” Paris continued: “Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine.” She shut her eyes and fought back tears as she continued: “And I just wanted to say I love him so much.” Paris then collapsed into Janet’s arms.

mjkids2jackson kids

One response to “Michael Jackson’s Children Unveiled: Paris Planning Tribute Song; ‘Smile’ Inspired Paris to Speak at Memorial

  1. Michael Jackson has beautifull kids. I don’t think it is a good idea for Paris to record a single. She is so young and so whas her dad when he became famous. It made him a little strange. He missed his childhood. So let her be a child…
    That is my opinion…

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