Carmen Electra Goes Fully Topless in Vegas Burlesque Show (Photos)

To use pasties…or not?

carmenFormer Baywatch actress Carmen Electra made her debut as the guest star in the Crazy Horse Paris show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas last night. On opening night, Electra stole the show in the revue’s finale having teased fans by strutting her stuff …and her decision to go fully topless.

Carmen Electra started her six night guest star appearance at the Crazy Horse Paris show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas last night. The sexy, curvaceous Electra wore high heels, stockings and suspenders as she cavorted on a sofa shaped like a giant pair of red lips. Her second routine, Chain Gang, saw her caged like a wild animal as she thrashed behind bars and revealed her tasseled breasts. But it was her finale that drew gasps from the audience, as she went fully topless. Electra had wore pasties in her first two numbers, but peeled them off for the third act, which drew wild applause from the audience.

carmen2Electra spoke to the LA Times about her decision to go all in if she was going to participate saying, “It is my dream to be in a Vegas show.” With her guest appearance in Crazy Horse, Electra feels she has finally found a suitable outlet, especially because it taps into her ability as a dancer. “I have so much respect for the beauty and history of Crazy Horse. I am honored to be able to do this. So much of it is based on classical ballet.” She’s been rehearsing with more discipline than those who know her reputation as a party girl may expect. “For me on this trip,” she says, “I have just been working long hours. I don’t want to leave. I really want to nail the choreography and the music, and after rehearsals, I go straight up to my room.”

Though her first run with her show ends Monday, she is hoping this becomes more than a cameo, that instead these shows mark the beginning of a longer relationship with Crazy Horse, or even her first step to a Vegas headlining career. “For me, my heart is really here,” Electra says. “I hope I can come back to Vegas. For this show, I want to come early to rehearsal and stay late and perform longer. I love doing this and I love live audiences. I really want to perform in Vegas more permanently.”

Former Spice Girl Mel B has been performing in the Vegas burlesque act, but kept her modesty by leaving her barely-there underwear on. Carmen, who has posed in Playboy, had no hesitation in going topless. Electra started out as one of the original Pussycat Dolls in 1995 at the Viper Room, the West Hollywood nightclub part-owned by Johnny Depp.

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  1. She’s so hot and look at those boobs! What a great way to start the day!!!

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