Michael Jackson’s Children: Daughter Paris Ends Memorial with Emotional Goodbye to “The Best Daddy Ever”

Paris, Prince Michael & Blanket (front)

Paris, Prince Michael & Blanket (front)

Michael Jackson was eulogized in words and song today by an all-star list of musicians, athletes and other celebrities during a mournful ceremony in downtown Los Angeles, with the most poignant moment delivered by his sobbing 11-year-old daughter, Paris.

paris janey latoyaHis tearful daughter’s voice broke as she bravely took the microphone to tell the millions watching the Los Angeles memorial concert: ‘I just want to say… ever since I was born…. daddy has been the best father you can imagine. And I just want to say I love him so much,’ Paris Michael Katherine Jackson said before collapsing in the arms of her aunt, Janet Jackson. To his fans he was their hero, but to his children he was simply ‘the best daddy ever’.

Paris1_682_841173aParis had taken to the stage with brothers Prince Michael, 12, and Blanket, 7, to sing a final tribute song to their dad. They joined their father’s brothers – who each wore a single white glove – and a host of the superstar’s friends and family as they performed classic “We Are The World.” Brother Jermaine then thanked the 20,000 strong crowd for attending the service at the Staples Center in LA. He said: “Thank you. That’s all I can say, Thank you very much.” While brother Marlon paid tribute to Jackson saying: “Michael, when you left us, a part of me went with you, and a part of you will live forever within me, brother.” Describing the pressures fame brought to Jackson, he added: “We will never, never, understand what he endured. Not being able to walk across the street without a crowd gathered around, being judged, being ridiculed, how much pain can one take?”

paris-2_5_682_841175aThroughout the event Paris had sat in the front-row with her brothers Prince Michael and Blanket alongside her. She rested her head on her grandmother Katherine’s shoulder as celebrities spoke about her late father.

Jackson’s brothers, each wearing one white glove, began the concert by wheeling his flower-covered gold-trimmed casket onto the stage at the Staples Center, where days before his death he was rehearsing for his O2 concerts.

paris_jacksonMichael Jackson’s coffin sat under a spotlight throughout, in front of the thousands of fans.


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8 responses to “Michael Jackson’s Children: Daughter Paris Ends Memorial with Emotional Goodbye to “The Best Daddy Ever”

  1. I’ve been sad all week, just being nostalgic about my younger days & how much MJ influenced the music I listened to, and how his music marked major milestones in my life. I was fine until I saw his daugher breaking down and then the sadness that I’ve been feeling all week came pouring out. I love children & my heart breaks for those 3 babies! I pray for them & their future. So sad!

  2. R.I.P. in our hearts forever. We love you Michael.

    I will now mention that todays’s memorial for Michael Jackson (and yes I am proud to say his name here, and he will lived on in our memory forever) was as emotionally wrenching as I thought it would be. As LIC deeply laments his loss, I want to again stress how so many of us have had a part of us ripped out by his untimely passing, and that one can never overestimate what he meant to the music world.

    R.I.P. in our hearts forever. We love you Michael.

  3. My prayer is that the selfish souls will leave his children alone to grow happy children who is now fatherless.

  4. This memorial was held today, with all of his family and 20,000 of his fans, while bloggers and rags are still saying he faked his death. That has to hurt his loved ones that much more seeing people make a mockery of their loss to grab 15 seconds of fame. Shameful.

    We will miss you Michael.

  5. Ms AlleSanDr|a

    My heart goes to the children…RIP Micheal

  6. “Was there an eye that stayed free of tears at that moment when Paris said her heartfelt words?” said the CNN commentator when the memorial service was over. Indeed, Brooke Shields had me weeping but Paris made me bawl like a baby. At that moment, when she said those words, I could clearly see the love Mj gave her reflected in her voice. It was so incredible and terrifyingly sad.

    On the other hand, Prince annoyed me a little. He kept chewing or eating something while he was on sitting and on stage, which seemed not just a bit rude. If so many people in the world were giving his father condolences, shouldn’t he at least also act respectful?

    But then, I guess Mj never wanted his children to excel in politesse. He hated the way he could not live his childhood like other children did and more than anything else.

    Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson.

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  8. i wish i knew michael jackson and his kids and family . paris ,prince michael and blanket are so adorable if they ever need help with the kids call me . i have three wonderful grandkids. they are my life just like my daughter . i lost my son in a bad car wreck . he was a great singer, entertainer, and dancer ,my son is probally up dancing with michael now .god bless every one

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