Kevin Jonas’s Engagement Ring for Danielle Deleasa Revealed! It’s Gorgeous!

kevin-jonas-500x375She’s the luckiest girl in the tween pop kingdom. When Kevin Jonas asked his girlfriend,  Danielle Deleasa, to marry him early Wednesday morning, she was too stunned to notice the one-of-a-kind diamond ring he designed for her. “I didn’t see the ring for a while because I couldn’t believe what he just asked me,” Deleasa told PEOPLE. “I was looking at him, like “Are you serious? When he pulled out that ring, I was like ‘Oh gosh.’ I said something like ‘Oh my God,’ and then I started crying.”

kevin_jonas_danielle_deleasOnce she wiped away her tears of joy, and said yes over and over again, what she saw before her was a three-carat cushion-cut diamond set in platinum above double shank band with 210 round pave diamonds, according to Angela Arabo, Jacob & Co vice president, who worked with Kevin to design the ring. The star “had done his homework,” Arabo said. “He knew exactly what he wanted.” The two collaborated over the phone and email. “When he got the ring, he called me and said it was the most beautiful ring and it was exactly how he imagined. He was really excited. He couldn’t wait to propose to her.”

Kevin Jonas, 21, proposed to Deleasa, 22, surprising her at her doorstep early on Wednesday morning — flying overnight after a Jonas Brothers concert in Vancouver. But before she shot to fame as pop star Kevin Jonas’ brand-new fiancée, Deleasa was just a quiet, churchgoing girl who still lived with her parents and cut hair in a New Jersey salon. One of four kids in a devoutly Christian family, Danielle was once described as “a wallflower” by her mom, Angela.

kevinjonasphotoShe met Jonas in 2007, when their families were both on vacation in the Bahamas. He was instantly smitten, friends said. Danielle, who was preparing to graduate from beauty school in Parsippany and working at the nearby DePasquale Salon, had no clue who the Jonas Brothers were. Jonas pursued her, and she was soon driving to work with a picture of him in her car, friends said. He often visited Danielle in Denville, NJ, shopping at local stores, stopping for coffee at Starbucks, and signing autographs for people in the town. “Kevin couldn’t have found a kinder, gentler or more perfect woman,” a longtime Deleasa family friend said yesterday.

kevin-jonas-danielle-deleasa-hang-hollywoodThe squeaky-clean ‘tween idol, who famously sports an abstinence “purity ring,” stunned fans Wednesday when he showed up at Deleasa’s parents’ Denville home, dropped to one knee and proposed. “She said, ‘Yes, yes, yes,’ like 500 times super-fast in a row,” Kevin, 21, gushed to People. Danielle, Jonas said, is “the most amazing girl in the world.”

No wedding date has been set yet. Right now, Kevin said. “We’re just ready to celebrate with friends and family and of course all our fans.”

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