MICHAEL JACKSON FUNERAL: Staples Center To Host Public Memorial, $25 Admission to Attend, Neverland Stampede as Crowds Rush to Los Angeles

The drama unfolding around the funeral for Michael Jackson has been just like a crazy, drama-filled movie. So I guess it’s fitting that you’ll be charged $25 admission to see the show. What is this…Ringling Brothers Circus?

staplesinsetRadarOnline reported this morning that those who wish to attend Michael Jackson’s star-studded memorial service at Staples Center will have to shell out $25 to sit in the stands. Family, friends and VIPS will have seats on the main floor for the Tuesday, July 7th Staples Center service at 10am, while the general public will be plucking down $25 to sit in the stands. AEG Live, which owns the 20,000-seat auditorium and the Nokia Theatre next door, will use both facilities and the surrounding plaza for the ceremony. The memorial service will feel like a concert production featuring guest speakers, a lot of music and video screens inside and outside of Staples, a source close to the planning said. Michael Jackson’s close friend Elizabeth Taylor is expected to attend, along with Diana Ross.

mjteemichael_jackson_o2_concert_2009And if you’re interested in a T-shirts to commemorate the event, the merchandise that was going to be sold on Michael’s upcoming “This Is It” tour will not go to waste… They will be sold outside Staples to people entering the service.

COME ON! This is getting weirder by the minute

neverland-1-240neverland_entranceIt was supposed to be a fairytale white horse-drawn carriage at the end… but the wheels fell off for Jackson’s funeral plans at Neverland. The great Michael Jackson farewell extravaganza turned into dust after the Neverland’s plans were scrapped. The Staples Center was chosen as the location for the public memorial after plans were scrapped to hold the event at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. The cancellation came too late for fans that had travelled from all over America and were making their way from different parts of the world to secure a place in what was expected to be a massive queue. It also created a mini stampede of TV crews and satellite trucks struggling to evacuate the narrow, dirt track approach to Jackson’s 2,400acre ranch in Northern California.

The Jackson family announced that there would be no ‘lying in state’ style viewing of the body there nor a memorial service.

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