Debbie Rowe Considering Custody Bid of Michael Jackson’s Kids: Court Hearing Monday

debbie rowemike2Eight years ago, Debbie Rowe, the mother of Michael Jackson’s two older children, 12-year-old Prince Michael and 11-year-old Paris Michael Katherine, told a Los Angeles court she wanted to give them up. “These are his children . . . ,” she testified. “I had the children for him. They wouldn’t be on this planet if it wasn’t for my love for him. I did it for him to become a father, not for me to become a mother. You earn the title ‘parent.’ I have done absolutely nothing to earn that title.”

michael-jackson-kidsThe LA Times is reporting that Debbie Rowe will be represented by a lawyer at a Monday hearing to determine custody of her children with Jackson. There is no word on whether Rowe will seek custody of Jackson’s two older children, Michael “Prince” and Paris-Michael, both of whom she gave birth to, but her lawyer, Eric George, will represent her interests at this coming Monday’s custody hearing. Experts say Rowe would have a strong case for custody even though she renounced her parental rights years ago.

mjandkidsA 2002 will for the King of Pop leaves custody of his children, including 7-year-old Prince Michael “Blanket” (who was delivered via surrogate) to his mother, Katherine Jackson, with Diana Ross as a back-up if Katherine was unable to care for the children. All three children are currently in Katherine’s care.

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