Lawyer: Debbie Rowe IS Biological Mom of Michael Jackson’s Children

mike2A lawyer for Debbie Rowe is denying reports that she is not the biological mother of two of Michael Jackson‘s children, Prince, 12 and Paris, 11. (Jackson’s youngest son, Prince Michael II, 7, was born to an unnamed surrogate.) “We refuse to be drawn into addressing the various rumors and speculation swirling in the media,” said Rowe’s attorney Marta Almli. “The vast majority of what is out there is untrue. Particular hurtful and insidious is the most recent rumor — which is entirely false — concerning the maternity of the children. Ms. Rowe is the biological mother of the two oldest children.”

The new issue of Us Weekly reveals that the children’s biological father is Arnold Klein, Jackson’s L.A.-based dermatologist and Rowe’s former boss. “He is the dad,” a Jackson insider told the magazine. “He and Debbie signed an agreement saying they would never reveal the truth.”

mjandkidsOn Monday – four days after Jackson’s June 25 death – Katherine Jackson was awarded temporary legal guardianship of Jackson’s three children, even though Rowe is still the legal parent of the two older children. Katherine Jackson‘s 22-page petition claims the kids “have no relationship with their biological mother.” A hearing on the petition has been scheduled for August 3. At a press conference on Monday, Joe Jackson said, “We’re the parents. This is where they belong. We’re going to take care of them and give them the education they’re supposed to have… Debbie Rowe has nothing to do with what we’re doing.”

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