Fashion Blogs Pay Tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson

2009_06_balmainI found this posting by one of my favorite fashion blogs, Racked New York. Being fashion obsessed, I’ve always loved Michael Jackson’s bold wardrobe filled with color, embellishments, medals, the sequin socks, the crystal glove…you never knew what he would show up in next. During a time of such sadness, this posting made me smile, because it shows how people remember the King of Pop, whether it was his through music or what he wore.

At 3:45pm yesterday, the Cut posted an item titled “Michael Jackson Won’t Wear Balmain for His Upcoming Tour.” Several hours later, they were forced to add an update. That’s how obsessed the fashion world was with Michael Jackson—up to the afternoon he died, he was still making headlines. Below, we’ve rounded up tributes from the blogs.

1.) WWD: “Say what you will about Michael Jackson during the last few years of his life — and with the baby-dangling-out-the-window behavior, bad plastic surgery and child molestation allegations, a lot has been said — but it takes a certain kind of star to turn a single sequined glove into a cultural symbol.” There’s also a slideshow complete with a lush close-up of the glove in question. (For more photos, check out Shine’s slideshow of MJ’s style evolution.)

2.) The LA Times: “At the height of his career in the mid-1980s, he was a fresh representation of how a male pop singer could look, with his perfectly chiseled face, long curls, white T-shirt, black pegged pants, white ankle socks and black loafers.”

3.) Fashionista: “But music aside (and that’s a huge aside), the man was a sartorial phenomenon. From the red zipper jacket to the glove to the many, many sequins and everything in-between, he never stopped making statements. And for the longest time, the world followed suit. I’m still completely jealous of this kid Kevin, from Greenbriar Elementary, who had a really awesome knock-off of said red jacket.” They’ve also posted a tribute to Farrah Fawcett and her red Norma Kamali bathing suit.

4.) JC Report: “From his glittery outfit in ‘Rock With You,’ to his dapper tuxedo in ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’ and to the influential zombie inspired street dance scenes in ‘Thriller,’ Jackson has formed and reshaped the world’s approach to fashion and music, making androgyny sexy and earning Jackson the unrivaled title ‘King of Pop.'”

5.) Business of Fashion: What was Michael Jackson’s most stylish moment? They’re voting for the “Smooth Criminal” video. Slaves to Fashion begs to differ.

6.) Sugar Rock Catwalk: “Though I’m saddened by the loss, I can’t help but reminisce over his incredible impact on style,” plus a round-up of designers influenced by him.

7.) Fashionologie: “#DreeHemingway: In honor of michael I am dressing up like him and dancing to his genius music and adoring him!” and other Twitter reactions from fashion types.

8.) Shelterrific: A tribute to MJ and Farrah in decor. Not fashion, true, but amazing nonetheless.

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