SHOCKING BUT TRUE! Michael Jackson’s Last Photo Leaked Online

mj kidThe last photo of Michael Jackson has been released. The King of Pop is pictured on a gurney surrounded by paramedics with an oxygen mask over his face while CPR is being performed on his chest. Jackson appears listless in this photo and it’s very eerie to see, especially since reports have said he was dead on arrival. While I did look at the photo, I will not be posting it out of respect for him and his family. Instead, I’ve posted a photo that I love of him as a cute, little boy ready to take on the world. I grew up surrounded by his music, bought every record he put out, and learned every dance move to the Thriller video after countless hours of practice with my sister, Patty. In fact, we still know every move to this day.  After finding out about his passing, Patty and I talked on the phone for awhile reminiscing over Michael Jackson stories, as if he was a friend we used to hang out with. We remembered how major it was that he was going to be in a Pepsi commercial, and also how his hair caught fire. The Smooth Criminal video was one of our favorites with Michael in his dashing suit and a perfectly choreographed dance troupe behind him. We recounted the endless times we replayed the We Are The World video for ourselves and our nephew Mikey, who was no more than a toddler at that time. I got chills as I recalled his performance at the MTV Music Awards, the first time he did the Moon Walk. I was a kid, watching in admiration from my TV in upstate New York as he hit the stage in the famous red jacket and sequin glove. It’s moments like that, the find memories that I will savor.

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