Michael Jackson Autopsy Results: Cause of Death “Deferred”

mj concertCraig Harvey, Chief Coroner LA County, spoke to the press regarding the autopsy. Harvey confirmed they have concluded the autopsy of Michael Jackson and the cause of death has been deferred, meaning the medical examiner has ordered additional tests such as toxicology and other studies (neuro pathology and pulmonary ). Those tests will take 4-6 weeks to complete and once the test results are completed, they anticipate closing the case and issuing final cause of death. Harvey confirmed that Jackson was “taking some prescription medications,” but could not comment on what kind of drugs or if affected his passing.

There was no indication of external trauma or foul play. The LAPD has requested a security hold be placed on Michael Jackson since this is an on-going investigation, therefore limited information will be released.

Harvey went on to say that Michael Jackson’s family hasn’t seen body and the body is ready to be released to the family for funeral preparations.

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