Farrah Fawcett’s Son Notified of Her Death in Jail, Will Attend Funeral; Charlie’s Angels Pay Tribute

farrah-fawcettArrangements are underway for a private funeral service for Farrah Fawcett, who died on Thursday in Los Angeles. Longtime love, Ryan O’Neal, recently said that he and Farrah would tie the knot before she passed, but sadly the ceremony didn’t happen. “There just wasn’t time, and Farrah wasn’t in any condition to do it,” Ryan said.

Ryan_230Farrah Fawcett’s son, Redmond O’Neal, learned of his mother’s death while serving time in the L.A. County jail. Redmond is devastated by the death of his mother and is committed to his sobriety to honor her because he promised he would stay clean for her. “He was told last night that death was imminent. His dad called him again this morning and informed him.” Redmond O’Neal did not speak to his mom last night or this morning so the jailbird’s final words to Fawcett were spoken during that April visit. Officials sent a chaplain and a grief counselor, accompanied by a sheriff’s deputy, to break the news, according to L.A. County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore. “He’s doing well, considering the circumstances,” Whitmore said. Redmond was also allowed to speak by phone to his father from jail today about his mother’s death. O’Neal will be allowed to attend his mother’s funeral, he added. A similar court-approved visit was allowed when Fawcett fell ill in April.

farrah_fawcett4O’Neal, 24, whose father is actor Ryan O’Neal, was arrested in April on charges of trying to smuggle drugs into a county jail, the latest in a string of drug-related arrests. Redmond O’Neal’s three-hour visit with his mother in April took place at Fawcett’s home and was supervised by a sergeant and a deputy. Wearing his jail garb, Redmond O’Neal gently crawled into bed with his mom in hopes of not making any sound from his leg chains since Redmond and his dad wanted to hide the son’s confinement from Farrah, who didn’t seem to notice. That was the last time he saw his mother in person.

charlies-angels“Charlie’s Angels” and a famed red bathing suit poster in 1976 catapulted Fawcett to mega-stardom (and teen boy’s bedrooms). “I’m terribly sad about Farrah’s passing,” former “Angels” co-star Cheryl Ladd said today. “She was incredibly brave, and God will be welcoming her with open arms.” “Angel” Jaclyn Smith said she hopes Fawcett is now in a better place. “Farrah had courage, she had strength, and she had faith,” Smith said. “And now she has peace as she rests with the real angels.”

Ryan O’Neal has asked that in lieu of flowers donations be made to support cancer research via Farrah’s charity:
The Farrah Fawcett Foundation
c/o P.O. Box 6478
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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