MORNING COFFEE: Farrah Fawcett Nears the End; Victoria Beckham’s New Boobs; Katy Perry Naked in Bath….with Pizza

farahCancer-stricken Farrah Fawcett has taken a serious turn for the worse and her loved ones reportedly gathered at her bedside Wednesday night. A priest also was summoned to the Los Angeles hospital where the 62-year-old “Charlie’s Angels” icon is being treated for anal cancer. Her publicist would not comment on the reports, saying only that “she is still being treated for her condition.” Those keeping vigil in the intensive care unit included longtime love Ryan O’Neal, who has been with Farrah constantly since she was hospitalized two weeks ago. In addition, actress Alana Stewart, who filmed “Farrah’s Story” documentary, is also said to be with Fawcett. O’Neal let it slip this week that he hopes to tie the knot with his longtime love saying to Barbara Walters, “I’ve asked her to marry me again, and she’s agreed.” “Farrah is fighting for her life. But we will wed as soon as she can say yes. Maybe we can just nod her head. I promise you, we will. Absolutely.”

Graumans Chinese TheaterOne person absent from Farrah’s bedside is her son with O’Neal, 24-year-old Redmond O’Neal. Redmond, the only son of Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal, last visited his mom on April 25th using a special pass that a judge had to sign off on. Redmond, currently an inmate in an in-treatment rehab program at Pitchess Detention Center in California, is supposed to go before a judge today to get another temporary pass to visit his ailing mother. Sources say it’s highly unlikely that a judge would sign off on another removal, since they are typically granted for inmates to attend a funeral of an immediate family member. O’Neal will be in court today for a progress report on his in-treatment rehab program, where he has been for over a month, and is hoping a judge will grant him another temporary release since this could be the last time he see’s Farrah.

Victoria_Beckham_832360aLast month, Victoria Beckham had her third breast reduction surgery to reduce her DD boobs to a smaller 34B. Since then the former Spice Girl has been recovering in the French Riviera with hubby David and their three kids. Posh was seen yesterday finally emerging from her French holiday to show off her perky new breasts. They look fabulous.

katy perryEating pizza naked in the bath… Katy Perry reveals the ‘sexual’ appeal of her favorite foods

Katy Perry revealed on her Twitter page that she can’t stop thinking about her favorite foods, even saying they have a ‘sexual’ attraction. The pop babe posted this naked picture of herself covering her modesty with a dinner tray on Twitter for all the world to see. She’s currently recovering from a bout of the flu during the Milan leg of her world tour and said her lack of solids is playing rather saucy tricks with her mind. She explains on the social networking site: “Why is it that after not eating for three days all I can think of is food… food is smiling at me… luring me with sexual seduction.” Questioned by her fans she then revealed: ‘Few of my fave things: BBQ chicken chop at CPK Chinese, chicken salad at Chinchins, Rock shrimp & yellow tail sashimi at Nobu, Crispy beef at Mr.Chow’s, endive salad at Le Petite, four curry chicken salad at Urth Cafe, my beloved double double at INnOut. Don’t hate on Jack’s Spicy Chicken sandwich! …I almost forgot… that damn crunch wrap supreme at Taco Bell. Okay that’s all for now.’

Katy_Perry_832273aKaty probably doesn’t indulge in her favorite foods all that often, with her tiny girlish figure. So she posted another picture of herself altered to show how she might look if she did, labeling it ‘future me’. And fans love it! Katy wrote: ‘More people are saying ‘I’d still hit it’ to the future me than the me now. Damn. Super size it!’

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