Katherine Heigl WILL Return to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

greys2Yesterday I reported that T.R. Knight (George O’Malley) would not be returning to “Grey’s Anatomy” after a season ending cliffhanger left us wondering his fate. Now reports have surfaced that Katherine Heigl (Izzie Stevens) will be returning for season six of the hit TV series, after her fate was also left hanging in the balance.

Season five ended on a double-death cliffhanger, as Knight’s character struggled to survive massive trauma inflicted by a bus accident, while Heigl’s character was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic cancer in the brain and liver. Izzie underwent successful brain surgery, but lost her short-term memory and flat-lined during the last minutes of the finale.

katherine-heigl-picture-6After one of the most intense season finales ever, fans of the show have been speculating over which character would be back, and which sent off. When viewers last saw Izzie, she was enticing her BFF, George, to join her in what was presumably the last elevator ride of their lives. Well, the elevator appears to have saved Izzie, but not George. Knight and Heigl, who are best friends off the set, have been rumored for months to be exiting the show.


RIP George O’Malley

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