Kristen Stewart Channels Rocker Joan Jett in New Biopic “The Runaways”

Wow, talk about a transformation!

JettSideSideTwilight star Kristen Stewart is currently playing real-life rocker Joan Jett in the biopic “The Runaways. Currently filming in Los Angeles, Kristen has done a complete transformation into the iconic rock goddess by getting her hair severely cut into a mullet-like crop and dying it jet-black. From the photo’s, Kristen looks a lot like Joan Jett and as a fan I am impressed. She appears to have morphed into the role of rock goddess complete with punk clothes and a signature pack of smokes. It goes to show you how versatile Kristen is as an actress that she can play a role like this. I was surprised to find out actress Dakota Fanning will be joining her in this movie and hope to see a rocker chic transformation for her to shed the child-actress, good girl image.

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The movie, set for a 2010 release, features the “Twilight: New Moon” actresses as Jett and Cherie Currie, who formed their landmark all-girl band in the 1970s and went on to inspire girls bands such as Blondie and Garbage. Rock on!



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