Calvin Klein’s Hot Threesome Ad Makes Soho Blush, See Sexually Charged TV Ad Banned from TV (Video)

foursome_560x375Calvin Klein has never been one to fly under the radar with his campaign ad’s, so it couldn’t come as a surprise that the man who gave us those sexy Obsession ad’s and a topless 15-year-old Brooke Shields has just launched a super sexy spread featuring a threesome.

The massive wall at Houston and Broadway has been home to many scandalous ad’s and now a new sexually charged billboard graces its presence. The steamy Calvin Klein billboard depicts a topless young woman lying on top of a bare-chested boy while passionately kissing a second shirtless male. In addition, a fourth boy lies on the floor below them whose pants look as if they could be ripped off any moment.

Calvin KleinI personally think the ad is sexy, which is what it’s intended to do and wouldn’t mind looking at it everyday. It’s hard to make New Yorkers blush, so I was surprised by the amount of backlash at this ad. But the baby-toting Puritans who frequent the thoroughfare think “its borderline pornographic” and the brand has taken things too far. The Steven Meisel–shot campaign has already been banned on television. I love what the Daily News had to say about the ad: “There’s no such thing as a “foursome” — anything over three and it’s called an “orgy.” Asked about the message in the ad, a Calvin Klein spokesman said the “intention was to create a very sexy campaign that speaks to our targeted demographic.”

BannedCalvinKleinAdBanned Calvin Klein Jeans Spring-Summer 2009 Ad Campaign_0Speaking of pushing the envelope,Calvin Klein’s Summer 2009 Jeans ad campaign was deemed too racy for American television and banned from the air waves. The commercial, which was shot by Steven Meisel, can be seen here in grainy quality due to the ban. All I can say is wow! It’s not for the younger audience, but the after 10pm crowd would certainly love this hot and steamy ad. The campaign stars male and female models — including Anna Jagodzinska, Anna Selezneva, Natasha Poly, Edita Vilkeviciute, Carson Parker, Danny Schwarz, Vladimir Ivanov and new face Mikus Lasmanis — who aren’t wearing much more than their Calvins .

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