KIEHL’S PRODUCTS: 20% Off EVERYTHING Friends & Family Discount

kiehls2If your a Kiehls addict like myself, you’ll be excited to know they are offering 20% off your purchase of $45 or more from Friday 6/12 through Tuesday 6/16 using their friends and family discount code. Like most high-end skincare product lines, Kiehls items NEVER go on sale, so I plan to stock up on my favorite googies and so should you.

Just last week I was raving about my favorite new Kiehls Lip Gloss in East Village Vibe, so now I am going to stock up and also get 2 other colors: Mahvelous Mauve, a medium soft plum tone; and New York Nude, a medium sand dune tone.’s-lip-gloss-in-east-village-vibe/


Kiehls is the only skincare line I am devoted to and have been for 13 years. Faithful products like the Ultra Facial Moisturizer and Rosewater Toner have been used diligently every day to maintain clear and glowing skin. The Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant is the only product I have used since it was released because of the no odor / no white residue formula.

kiehlsDermSolu_LSince introducing the Dermatologist Solutions line, I have been focused on maintaining my youthful; Botox-free glow as long as possible by using the Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate eye cream, Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate and most recently the Over-Night Biological Peel. One more product to ponder is Kiehls Original Musk, Blend No 1, which is inspired by the original love oil. The original musk oil is believed to have been created in the 1920’s and was discovered in a vat labeled “Love Oil” in the 1950’s. One spritz of this and you’ll have every man (or woman) lusting after you.

Go to and enter the code FAMILY to receive the discount. Better yet, you’ll receive free shipping on all orders as well.


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