Bobbi Brown Cosmetics: 25% Off EVERYTHING (Online Only)

Cosmetics never go on sale so if youre a Bobbi Brown fan, Id pounce on this now

Thru 6/11 all Bobbi Brown products are 25% off when you shop online. This includes makeup, skincare products, beauty tools / brushes. Proceeds from the event will go to Dress for Success. Also, you’ll get free standard shopping on orders over $60.

shimmer brick3shimmer brick

shimmer brick4

My personal favorite Bobbi Brown item is the Shimmer Brick. Introduced in 2001 as a seasonal product, it was reintroduced into the collection the following year after it’s huge success (and endless wait lists). I loved it to much I bought four as soon as they launched. I now own one in every color they make. Why is this product so great? The shimmer brick gives your face a warm glow by incorporating five shimmering shades that are meant to be swept over your cheekbones, forehead, and chin for a highlight effect. The colors are so luxe and sheer that they can even be worn individually as eye shadow or choose a deeper shade for a bronzer effect.

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