Britney Spears Shows Off Her Best Assets: Topless Photo’s Leaked As Singer Hits Europe

***EXCLUSIVE*** BritneyÕs strip show.I am always rooting for the comeback queen Britney Spears and she deserves a break after enduring a rough couple of years. Britney’s never been one who shied away from her sexuality, and there’s nothing that will make headlines more than a little nipple action, so it’s not really surprising that photo’s were released of a pole dancing, topless Brit. The part that surprised me was that this was being filmed for her video. Pop singer or topless pole dancer? Why not both?

Britney Spears is in a tough place because her fan base is largely made up of young, teenage girls in addition to the over 18 crowd that appreciates her club sound and dance mixes. While Spears is the teen queen, she has matured into an attractive 27-year-old who wants to act her age and express her sexuality. So back in 2007, adorned with temporary tattoo’s that covered her greatest assets, Britney took to the stage in a video for her hit single “Gimme More.” In the deleted scene, Spears peeled off her clothes and was left with a pair of rose petals adorning her nipples. A brunette Spears pole-dances in the strip-club setting during the video, while a blond Britney enjoys the show from the bar. In the end, the scenes were considered too adult for the final cut and never made it to MTV.

***EXCLUSIVE*** BritneyÕs strip show.Spears brought a photographer to the video shoot and posed for the topless pictures, according to an agent for the photographer who declined to be identified. “These pictures were [Spears’] idea,” said Alec Byrne, who represents the photographer. “She was going to use this in the promotion of the video — but obviously, after [she] saw the content, decided not to.” Byrne insisted his client shot the pictures in good faith that day at an LA studio adding, “These weren’t sneak pictures.”

At the time the video was shot, the singer was under the hold of former advisor Sam Lufti, who Britney’s mother Lynne has since accused of drugging her and cannot come near the superstar due to a restraining order. Luckily for Britney, her father Jamie stepped in and was granted control over her business and personal affairs.

Spears is currently in the UK where she will perform a total of eight concerts at London’s O2 Arena. She will end her London stint on Sunday before taking her show to Manchester, Dublin, and Paris

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