Lately I’ve been going through a junior high phase as I’ve been told: contemplating re-piercing my naval, minor breakouts, tattoo (well, this is more high school than junior high), and the latest, dying my hair blue.

aftermidnight_bbNow, anyone who knows me probably just gasped over that one since I am the type who never misses a hair appointment to ensure the perfect color of natural blond all year long. So it came as quite a surprise to those who know me that I decided to dye my hair navy blue last weekend. Before you panic, it’s not what you think. I’ve always wanted to dye the underneath of my long locks blue so when looking at me you’d never know unless I pulled up my hair. Last weekend, while at the beauty supply store to pick up hair dye to color my sister’s roots, I came upon Manic Panic. Their catchphrase is “Colors That Rock” and by the look of the jar that’s an understatement. Their hair dye is not for the fainthearted and available in an array of shocking colors. Best of all, the color is semi-permanent and washes out in a few weeks. I didn’t even think it through and before I knew it I was paying for a jar of Manic Panic in After Midnight Blue, the deepest, richest shade of navy I had ever seen. Live fast and dye your hair, I was ready for an adventure.

How my color should have looked

How my color should have looked

Mistake #1, not reading the label. This sounds like typical Chrissy when I get really excited about something I dive in, head first, without thinking about the consequences. But it was semi-permanent hair dye so what was to worry about. Plus, the salesgirl in the salon stressed how easy the product was to use, simply brush it on your hair and let t set for 15 minutes and up to 30 for the boldest color.

Mistake #2, I decided to try this experiment at my sister, Patty’s, house. This wouldn’t usually be an issue, but I am getting to why it was. Patty clipped my hair up and painted the long strands of hair that cover the back of my head, deep underneath my cheery blond highlights. I happen to be wearing a wife beater, which quickly turned into a deep blue, dip dyed tank. Conscience not to let the blue dye come in contact with the rest of my hair, we decided when it came time to rinse that Patty would hose me down. Imagine this visual from the adventures of Chrissy & Patty. I get in her pearly white, porcelain tub with nothing on but the now-blue wife beater. Patty begins to rinse my hair and we are both shocked at the bold color of the water. I am thinking, “This is going to look so cool.” After a few minutes, Patty’s hands have turned blue and so have my neck, back, legs and chest. Worse, the tub was now turning blue from the deep dye. I looked like Smurfette as the water splashed blue dye all over my face and body. As soon as I got a look at her tub I broke down in hysterics since her pearly white tub was now midnight blue. And when I say it wasn’t running off, I am not exaggerating. My little sister didn’t see the humor in this so she ordered me to strip down and sit in the tub. She proceeded to wash my hair EIGHT times with shampoo in an effort to rinse the blue dye out to no avail, all the while cursing me under her breathe how if her husband flips out, I am buying the new tub. Meanwhile, I am laughing so hysterically over the fact that we are both midnight blue that I am rendered useless. After about 20 minutes of rinsing my hair is finally free of dye, but my body, Patty’s hands and her tub are not. Scrubbing the tub with soap didn’t help, so I ordered her to find some powder bleach. Twenty five minutes later, after scrubbing her tub with bleach using an abrasive sponge, the blue dye was gone. One problem, I was still blue. Soap didn’t wash it off; water didn’t help so we eventually used the Clorox bleach and abrasive sponge to scrub the blue dye off my skin. I was red and raw, but at least I was no longer a Smurf.

The now blue wife beater

The now blue wife beater

I rushed to dry my hair and admire my new look. After flipping my hair back I am horrified, my hair is green. And not a fun shade of Kelly green, its Incredible Hulk green. Not what I had in mind. So after all of this, I am left with putrid, green streaks in my hair. Luckily, with constant use of a clarifying shampoo my green locks are almost back to blond and the tub is pearly white again. But I can’t say the same for my wife beater, which is actually a cool tie-dye tank.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Obviously, when using a semi-permanent color such as Manic Panic you must read directions because bleaching creams are sometimes needed to enhance the color. Looking at their website I was stunned over the bold hair colors featured. Now that I am armed with the knowledge and we have come to the agreement that this can only be done in the backyard, I am planning my next hair dye adventure and thinking about a shocking magenta, purple haze or a streak of rich raven. Until next time…



  1. LOL – what a diaster! Readers are going to think that chick with the blue hair is you. The color came out NOTHING of the sort!

  2. Reminds me of Anne of Green Gables, lol =)

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