Rare Glimpse of Michael Jackson’s Kids: Paris and Prince Michael I


Michael Jackson’s have lived their lives under a veil, with their faces covered to keep them shielded from the public. Yesterday, The Daily Mail spotted Prince Michael I, 12, and Paris Michael, 11, with their faces revealed to the world as they joined their famous father at a Los Angeles recording studio. Prince and Paris look like adorable, regular pre-teens so it’s hard to believe they could be the blood of Michael Jackson. However, the siblings do look very much alike with similar facial features and hair color. Oddly enough, when the pair exited the studio two hours later they were wearing masks again.

Jackson has kept his children’s lives shrouded in mystery since he first became a father in 1997. As well as fathering Prince and Paris with ex-wife Debbie Rowe, Michael also has a seven-year-old Prince Michael II, aka Blanket (the child famously dangled off a hotel balcony in Germany in November 2002). In an interview last year, Debbie insisted it was her choice to have the children’s faces covered saying: ‘The veils were my idea, not Michael’s. I had kidnap threats when they were babies. I did not want them to be recognized.’










Despite widespread belief the children are not biologically his; Michael insists he is the father of all three saying: ‘I used a surrogate mother (for Blanket) and my own sperm cells. I had my own sperm cells in my other two children.’


One response to “Rare Glimpse of Michael Jackson’s Kids: Paris and Prince Michael I

  1. No way on earth do those children have an ounce of Negro blood in them.

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